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  1. Hey sorry guys for the long wait, i quite the old job, it was taking a toll in my health so i just quite it and found myself back in an IT position at another firm for IT administration and Network implementation. So far so good and everyone here is pretty easy going.... i dont see this job taking to much of a toll on my health this time
  2. Thank you ill keep that in mind its just gotta get the flow going i guess
  3. not fimilar with that please explain??
  4. such great advice wished i found this forum sooner
  5. imma try thank you for the words of wisdom
  6. i have posted earlier things about being maby to conservative with those around me and got some comments on being maby to introverted so i was wondering how do i make new friends to get the hang of meeting new people and talking more?? any tips?? could really use all the guidance
  7. i'd say do it i play guitar myself and yes it is t ka way to get some attention from the girls but not all of em and PS if your learning songs that remind you of your broken heart id say go ahead you will learn the guitar even faster if you really get into the songs even if it makes you cry and if you must let it all out and practis practcis practis . and also beginner guitar is easy just know your fingers will be yellen at ya but if you wanna learn your gonna have to keep at it with or without the tears plus crying and playing will get you some chicks to you know
  8. seems legit man don't think it was a breadcrumb to start off with you were right to hold on to no "contact rule" if she wanted you back or something in that lane you would know and she would tell you. if you feel like your running toward a fake river of hope stop and take a path which you feel good with.
  9. two way street man its what you give is what you get from your story i get you kinda where in a ba place but most people dont understand it if you dont tell them. Cant like feel the things you feel in the very same way.( hope you get that it is not meant to be mean or anything sorry if it sounds that way) But keep your head up and try talking again explain the way you felth in the period you were in "another place" if it does not help you cant change the way people feel about you so you move on and take all the time you need to get back up. when we fall we fall hard but when we get up its
  10. i will lets just see what happens next..
  11. really sorry to hear that wel its never a problme to my understanding to "being clingy" some people like it and some just don't But leaving people hanging like that is like a big no no in so many ways. I'd say cut it cause from your story i can only say your being used and nice things are being said to you to get what he wants and none of your feelings mean anything. you seem strong minded so you'll get over the guy hope all is well so far.
  12. Thanks. wel im just to insecure about everything ive only been working here like 7 months now going on my 8 month now so its all moving a bot fast.
  13. wel i assure you i'm not arrogant or unfriendly. just being conserved and speaking when spoken too seems to make people mad for some stupid reason.
  14. No there is nothing wrong with social small talk. Its more like i can talk to people and i do. but see it like this "were talking about the color red" i say i like blue you say you like red and tell me why. when you ask me about what you liked about red i could tell you 80% of what you said but when i ask what i liked about blue you remember maby 10 or 0,1% and when i sense this. i mostly just shut the whole talk cause it leads to no where ,and that's my point people wanna talk but no one is actually listing to anything your saying.
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