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Resigned from my job, having doubts and anxiety. What to do?

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I have been with my current job for two years in August. I attempted to resign once about a year ago, but stuck it out in hopes that things would get better -- and they did, but only for a couple of months. Then they just went downhill again, even worse. So I put in my two week notice on Thursday.


To be honest, I know I'm going nowhere with the job and that I am capable of doing much more. I received my degree in December, had wonderful recommendations from the previous manager at this particular job, and always go above and beyond (multiple people have commented on this) the call of duty.


Last month, when my manager turned in her resignation, the District Manager asked me to step in and take care of everything at the office until a new manager comes in. The new manager isn't due to come in for another week still, so this is me working 6-7 days per week, 60+ hours per week, and taking calls when I'm off the clock, for over a month. I asked the District Manager to consider me for the manager position, since the previous manager told her I was "highly qualified and able to do the tasks of a manager." The DM flat out said no, she didn't think I was a good fit right now. I asked her to consider increasing my pay to at least Assistant Manager salary, as I'm currently getting paid less than $23K/year for what I do there. Again, she said "no, there are no more raises or considerations for a promotion until at least October." Yet here I am, doing the work of a manager plus extra because 70% of the staff in my office is new, so I'm still attempting to train them as well.


I know how the DM operates. She is nice to your face, but will say negative things about you to other employees and managers. She cares nothing about her employees, and most of the time she asks others to do her work for her. No exaggeration. I tried to discuss some issues with her last week, and she basically told me that how I was feeling didn't matter, I was there to do a job and that's it.


After crying in the bathroom four times last week because of her, another manager, and just general stress overload, I decided to resign. Two week notice. Instantly, I felt a huge amount of relief knowing that I would soon be away from there.


It has been a couple of days now, and I'm beginning to have all of these doubts. What if it takes me a year to find another job? What if I never find another job? I know, mentally and emotionally, I cannot stay there much longer. I'm constantly stressed, depressed, angry... and I know that I will never move up there. The company doesn't value those who work the hardest. I've seen folks who call in sick several times per month and constantly show up to work late get promotions, and it baffles me. These aren't the kind of people I want to work for.


But I'm worried. Money, medical insurance... I suppose there is always the option of asking to retract my resignation, but I know I would be miserable.


Note I do have enough money saved to get me by for about four months, but I still worry.

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