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what is wrong with friend


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Hello today i saw my friend and he waved to me first and then i wave back to him.and he waveed back to me and then we were going to the same place so he took off first and then after a few mins i went walking but was behind him and one of my other friends said Hello and made a farting joke. then a few mins i came to my clsss and i said hi to my friend and he just wave back to me looking at the connor of his eye. then later at lunch i am not sure if saw me or not he did not wave or do anything but i did wave and he did not wave back ,i guess he did not see me or did not care. then after lunch was over ,i said hi to me and he just waved back then. when it was time to go home i happen to see him in the hallway and he saw me first and he just look back at me and coutine to walk and i wave to him and he wave back but he was walking fast but after i waved he slowed down a little. then when we got to the buses and he was walking fast again and i hi and he said hi back and waved back. BTW we cannot talk anymore and i having a feeling he just hates me. and we are both males

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