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Guys opinion needed!!!

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Could anyone explain this situation?

a guy asks his friend(not very close friend, but to get an opinion) about a comment that his ex gf made on his fb profile picture ..he asks her ' what do you think about this comment?' .. the comment she had made is a little weird as it says something like 'you removed your facial hair, you look so handsome.'

him and his ex gf do talk and are civil and nice to each other... but I think she has someone now and he also had a girl in his life after they broke up...

I am not concerned about the comment she has made, but would like to know if this means that the guy still likes her or is he normally curious about such a comment made suddenly... ?

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His changed for himself and she never thought he would. Maybe it's something he would never have done whilst with her and se had never seen him without facial hair so it was new for her and she liked it.... I wouldn't worry about it and move on.

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