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Hardest situation I've ever been in


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Now this situation is very complicated, so if you stick with me through all of this, my deep thanks go out to you. Ok, so at the start of the school year (I'm a 16 year old Junior in High School), I began becoming friends with these two girls. Let s call them Hannah and Sarah. I met Hannah before I met Sarah, and had a crush on her. I was just generally attracted to her, and she thought I was funny, but that was really as far as it went in my mind. After about a month of trying to Pursue something with Hannah, I become more introduced with her best friend, which is Sarah (when I say best friend, I mean they value no one more than eachother. Die hard best friends). At first, i thought she was nice, kinda cute, and funny. She got my humor, I didn't think much of it. Give it about 2 weeks of talking to this girl and I simply couldn't get her off my mind. She's ing gorgeous just looking at her makes me smile uncontrollably. Her laugh is incredible, she's sexy, she s hilarious, and all I want to do is be around her. Anyways, one night while texting, Hannah asks me who I like. She forces the answer out of me, and her overall reaction leads me to believe that Sarah wants nothing to do with me as anything more than a friend. (Stick with me here your doing great). Well as it ing turns out, not only does Sarah like me like crazy, Hannah is equally, if not even more in love with me than Sarah is. To sum it up, THEY BOTH LIKE THE OUT OF ME. I WAS FREAKING THE OUT MAN, I had no god damn idea what to do!!! Like I have literally never had this issue before in my entire life, it's always been a lack of girls, and now I have too many!! Well fast forward to now, and things are weird as . Me and Sarah see eachother alone as often as possible, which usually means twice for about 3-4 hours over the weekends. We usually hang out in her room, watch Netflix, cuddle, have deep talks, basically just what a couple usually does at our age, but there's one problem. I desperately want to kiss her, and go further with her, and even after our three months knowing we really like eachother, we haven't done anything. I know that that's ok, but I can't hold back any longer, I want to kiss her beautiful face. The reason I haven't gone in for a Kiss yet, is because she is such good friends with Hannah, that she doesn't want to have to hide what we do from her. Hannah will tell Sarah that she's ok with me and Sarah being together, but Sarah won't call me her boyfriend for the sole reason that she doesn't think Hannah is actually ok with it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at either of them. We're all afflicted by this ty situation, and in a perfect world, me and Sarah could be together and Hannah will find someone else that's good for her, but I don't see that happening any time soon. I don't know what to do, I feel stuck. Sometimes I get frustrated with Hannah in my mind, but I know that it's not her fault for having true feelings for me. Junior Prom is coming up soon, and I want nothing more than to take Sarah as my date, and show her the world but of course we can't do that if Sarah thinks for even a minute that Hannah wouldn't be ok with it, I just want her to be happy, because she's never had anyone that truly cared about her before. I just simply don't know what to do.

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Oh, to be young.


Communicate what you've said here to Sarah. Tell her you have feelings for her and would love to take things further, you want to go to the Prom with her and have her be your girlfriend. Ask her out properly, and see what she says. It isn't your job to worry about Hannah and if in the end Sarah won't date you because of her loyalty to Hannah then that's her choice. All you can do is lay your cards out on the table and let the girls figure it out.

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