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Unfinished Business? To reach out or not reach out?


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So as of late, my ex person thing recently broke up with his gf (what it sounded like to me... Though of course, it is probably more likely that she broke up with him) and has been what appears to be testing the waters with small instances of contact with me. He was with her short term, and when he saw me during this time he had a sad look on his face. Though I do suppose this should be taken with a grain of salt.



Some of my friends say that I shouldn't reach out at all, and some say I shouldn't even respond to stuff he sends out when he does send it out, and of course I have been very cold and aloof. However, I do have a large amount of unfinished business with him, and I do feel as if-- if he does have something to say-- I would want to hear it. I do not think we have been very truthful to each other. One of my friends thinks he might have buried feelings, considering many small things, so I'm thinking that if, in the 1% chance he does "come back", though it would be very wrong to take him back... I might. Unfinished business, remember? And besides, I'm still young and it could mean as little as I would want it to mean. Or so I tell myself.


But I suppose that I am getting ahead of myself, and I shouldn't be thinking about that at all.


I am thinking of sending out a very small snapchat, meaning nothing, symbolizing nothing except perhaps a positive indicator of reciprocation (Blah blah blah), expecting no response. I feel as if I have moved on enough to be able to handle no response, as that is a response in itself, and lately the uncertainty is bothering me.


Keep in mind, however, he is the one who rejected me, and many would argue that he would have to be the one who reaches out the most and tries the hardest.


Though I feel this is a good idea, many would disagree. I'm not sure what I would tell someone in my situation. Any thoughts?

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Ha, I suppose what I should be keeping in mind when I think about this is how I felt when I did reach out the times that I did, and the fact that I did anyways.


Also, the fact that reaching out makes me feel bad at the thought of rejection again. However, I am very curious.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


why do u put yourself thru such pain?


first of all, you think that sending out a "feeler" such as a snapchat is going to be breezy because you tell yourself that you don't expect a response. why are you lying to yourself?? you know VERY WELL that every second from the moment you send out that snapchat, you are going to be waiting and waiting and wondering if he's going to send you a response. and only after a significant amount of time, you're gonna tell yourself that he's rejected you again by not responding.


why do you torture yourself? why?


forget this guy! if you were the one who dumped him and he ran to find another girl, there might be a better chance, but girrrrrl.... you got dumped... by him!! stop thinking about him. don't even read into his facial expressions that he had a sad face or whatever. let him be. he may have looked said because he had a fight with his gf at the time. he wasn't sad because he saw you and was wanting to be with you! wake up!!!!


please get over him, NOW. it's over. move on. there's plenty of other fish in the sea!


stop wasting anymore energy on him! it's over!!!!

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Oh girlfriend!! He looks sad huh? Oh well. He made the decision to dump you snd date her. Not your problem.

Unfinished business? He severed everything when he dumped you. There is no unfinished business. He finalized the ending of your business deal the day he dumped you.


Honestly, I know how you feel. Buuuut whaaaat if. No no no. Get out of that mindset. He broke your heart. Move on and don't worry about him, he wasn't worried about you especially when he was putting his wiener inside of her. Block him. Yeah. Block him. And move on.

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