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How to stop dreaming of her?

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Just woke up from a dream about 'her'. I understand that dreams are hard to control and escape from but does anyone have any advice or techniques around minimizing the chance of dreaming about that heart-breaker?


I recently posted my story here titled " Can someone really treat you that way" so I know this forum can help those in need.


Funny how I came straight here after waking up!


Thank you

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Difficult in the early stages of a break up as the dreams can be so vivid, and can affect your mood for the rest of the day.


I did a bit of basic meditation before going to sleep just using some random youtube videos. Helped to clear my head and get me relaxed before nodding off.

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I have an idea... quit thinking of her.

sounds mean but if I think of an X, the odds increase that Im going to dream about her because Ive activated those memory banks. Now, if I say dont think of your X what are you going to think of? Your X.... before you go to sleep, read a book or do whatever it takes so that your X is not on your mind when you lay down.

keep your mind busy

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I was dreaming about my now ex during the time of our break up, and then waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep. It was horrifying. But when we did break up, it stopped and I went back to my old self. I didn't dream about him for weeks now.


I guess it's achieving a peace of mind, and you probably will have dreams of her until you heal and start forgeting a bit about her.

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I don't feel that upset when I wake up just more of a recognition that yes she is still obviously in my head somewhere.


Its obviously part of something ending and I know it will pass in time. I still get flash thoughts of her throughout the day and occassionally get the smallest urge to look her up (I wont, that would be a huge mistake and would set me back)

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