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She stole my man! TWICE! Help me PLEASE!?!

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Alright well there is this stupid chick... she makes me SO mad. She was supposed to be my friend but she's been stabbing me in the back hardcore! It all started when I liked this one guy Ramon. I was totally in love with him and she knew it. I would always talk about him and she knew how much I liked him and how much he meant to me. At one of the dances she asked me to get him to save a dance for her. I thought she was just trying to be funny or something, but no. She ended up dancing with him and it was soooo obvious that she liked him. I was always hanging out with him and then all of the sudden she started hanging with him too. This made it even more obvious but every time i asked her if she liked him, she continually denied it. I even told her that it was ok and that she could tell me but she wouldn't fess up! About a month later I had moved on to another guy and made best friends with Ramon. At the next dance she asked me if Ramon was coming... when I told her no she seemed a bit whiney and I again asked her if she liked him. She denied it AGAIN and then I said "You know what? I don't care if you do or not because I don't like Ramon anymore, he's my bud now and I like Dane" She denied it again and then I told her that I wasn't an idiot and that she should just admit it. She finally did and then she started asking me about Dane. She already knew that I liked him a lot, even more so than Ramon but she ended up dancing with Dane that night. She didn't steal Ramon but the fact that she tried made me really mad. I confronted her about Dane and she said that she liked Ramon and that she just thinks dane is hot. well, today we were waiting for the busses and Dane's friend drags him over and starts talking to her. This was after one of her friends who is friends with dane also told him that she likes him and that he should go talk to her. So this chick who's supposed to be my friend but is stealing all my guys runs over to me and hides behind me.... WHAT AN IDIOT! she wouldn't tell me why she was hiding but I had the idea it had something to do with Dane. I asked her and she kept on denying it and said that if it had something to do with him that she'd tell me. It makes me so mad that she takes me for an idiot and thinks I can't tell that she's lying to me. She told everyone that she liked ramon but wouldn't tell me.... she told everyone that she liked Dane but again wouldn't telll me. Now she's telling everyone that Dane wanted to come talk to her and all this crap but when I ask her about it she says it's nothing and that it doesn't have anything to do with him. Dane's friend keeps making him go talk to her and I don't know what to do. She makes me SOOO mad and I don't know what to do. Ramon didn't like her because, not to be mean, but she's kinda over weight and not good looking at all. Its making me so mad that this is the second time she's going after my guy... and she keeps lying. I mean I'm not that stupid and I'm sooo angry at her. What do you think I should do? Dane has been showing signs that he likes me back... how do I get her to stop scamming of my guys and get her to leave him alone and stop lying to me?? and how do I get him to choose me over her? This is the worst... please help me!!


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Ok, she says she's your 'friend', but really? Would a friend be competeing with you and trying to steal your guys? Especially the guys that she knows you like a lot? No real true friend would. And if she's doing this to make her self feel better, she has low self esteem. Then again, she might have liked Ramon and Dane all along and just felt crappy about admitting it to you. If Dane is showing signs of interest, then you have nothing to worry about. Chances are that she'll end up scareing him away from her. (good for u!) And if Dame really likes you, it shouldn't matter if one of your friends has a little crush on him. You should feel flattered that he's showing you signs of interest and not her. (even if she isn't all that attractive) Next time you have a huge crush on a guy, DON'T TELL HER. This whole predicament will probably happen again. So save yourself the time of being pissed off, and use it flirting with your crush! But if it's bothering you that much, comfront her. Say something along the lines of "You can't keep on doing this to me. You're going to have to decide right now. Either our friendship or you crushing on some guy who probably doesn't even like you." (not to mean) Hopefully she'll get the hint and realize how this is making you feel. And if she truly was a good friend or someone worth even talking to, she'll back off your guys. If not, then you know who your real friends are. And if she chooses a guy over you, then she wasn't a friend to begin with. This happened to me a long time ago, and I comfronted her. About 3 minutes later we walked away from each other and never spoke again. Sad ending to a long time friendship, but atleast I found out how True she really was! And that saved a lot of heartache for the future. So, yea, I hope everything works out and she realizes how stupid shes acting. Good Luck!


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A friend who is constantly competing with you is no friend at all. I had a friend like that who competed with me over everything but guys. From grades, to acting, to common friends, even now to moving out. Trust me, it's not worth the competition. Like the person above me said, don't tell her who you like anymore and for that matter, don't talk to her anymore. True friends should be there for you and support the things you do and your feelings towards other people, not sabotage any chance you may have. Besides, she'll get it in the end. My "friend" who competed with me, she's in a run down apartment, barely making rent, working at a plastics factory and her "fiance" keeps disappearing on her. Plus she's lost all of her friends and if he ever leaves her for good, she's screwed. Trust me, in the end you'll save yourself a lot of crap and you'll be the better person in the end. That's what happened to me!

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She's a backstabbing bitch! Do yourself and get rid of her, she's a leech on your damn neck. I don't how she stole Ramon...but she DID steal Dane. Tell her to "*** off!" (maybe violence isn't the way to resort to problems, it's just a suggestion).

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