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Poetry by Darrian Blades

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Just let me say what comes to my mind,

and if it occurs to you that I'm 2 sublime,

through and through this rhyme,

if you want me to explain all in all that's fine...

Cuz i'm about 2 lose more than just this mind...


I'ma go about this, these words define,

I'm only wastin' on you my life and time...

you drive me crazy; am I insane?

I'm undoubtedly always 2 blame...

our hearts compare seemingly the same...


If I could put our past behind and the future in a frame...

I would end up with an blank page, emotionally caged,

am I afraid to say what i need 2 say in order to make a change..?

go through all my pain, sort out my feelings arranged...

but for now...they remain same.



Copyrighted by Darrian Blades (Immunity)



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Hi Darrian,


It's a sad poem. I understand from this that you're in confusion at the moment. I hope for you a brighter and clear future soon. I hope you will find your way around and wish you good luck in what you do!


Well done job on the poem!


~ SwingFox ~

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