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What am I doing wrong? I need him!

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Alright, well this guy that I like knows that I like him. At school he shows all the signs that he likes me back. He's always looking at me, all his friends know who I am, they all make a big deal about it etc. All of my friends think that he really likes me and I think he might too. My friend talked to him once and he said that he wanted to come talk to me and that he would... he said that if he didn't end up talking to me, not to be mad because he's shy and doesn't know what to say. This was a couple of months ago and he hasn't talked to me yet. I don't really understand this because he's a real comedian. He's always in the spotlight, really funny guy and he's really loud and doesn't seem to be embarrassed easily. He had the perfect chance to talk to me just yesterday but he didn't. My school offered a bus to go and see a rugby game, only about 40 people ended up going including my best friend, the guy I like and a couple of his friends and myself. There were so many opportunities when he could have talked to me. There weren't many people around but he still didn't talk. He just kept looking at me and his friends made a big deal each time my friend and I walked by. Then on the way home he was sitting RIGHT behind me. He didn't talk to me then either. I don't understand... what am I doing wrong? How do I get him to talk to me?? Any help you can possibly give me would be AWESOME Thanks! ~Laura~

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the same thing that's happening to you is also happening to me or i should

say it have happened to me once, but is happening to me again.


the biggest lesson i've learned from the first experience is this. The guy

never did asked me out, even though it was obvious that he liked me.

And when i graduated to go to college, he never said anything either, even

when we were right next to each other. It made me ask and question

whether or not he ever did like me, and made me asked myself what if

i had asked him what would have happen then.


now the same thing is happening to me again in college, this guy

acts like he like me but he would never say anything. So, not to make

the same mistake again, i e-mailed and confessed to him that i like him,

and asked whether what i was seeing (that he liked me) was real.

So far he haven't replied to my e-mail yet, but even if i find out he

don't love me, at least i've found out something.


I wanted to know the truth and don't want to live my life wondering.

I suggest that you do the same.

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trust me you're doing nothing wrong. This guy sounds exactly like me. I'm funny, loud, in the spot light, hard to embarrass, all that, just like him. the thing is I like a girl so much that i'm terrified that I'll do something wrong. I think this is what this kid is doing. So just complement this kid a lot so he gets over this phase. hopefully he(and me) will come out of it soon.

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Take the initiative and break down and talk to him yourself. Trust me, if I was interested in a girl but...skittish, LOL (No pun intended) about talking to her, and she took the initiative, id be thrilled.



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