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should i rendezvous to NYC? (long distance "relationshi

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Just a stupid puppy love question. Last weekend I went to visit my sister in Manhattan and she introduced me to everyone she works with. Before I say anything else, I'm going to say I live on the other end of the state, 500 miles away from Manhattan. One of her coworkers, Damon, came out with us on Saturday night and we really, really hit it off. He is a great guy, my big sister approves of him and says he's really sweet and nice. The two of us had a great night together and had some good times on the futon in my sis's apartment Things weren't just physical, we held some great conversations and there was no awkwardness the next morning.

He asked my sis for my number and called me Tuesday saying what a great time he had and how much he wants me to come visit again and that it's possible he could come visit me. He gave me his number and said to call him anytime I want.

Now it is Friday night and I plan on calling him tomorrow. My question is, would YOU go on a rendezvous weekend to NYC to see a guy you went out with one night? IT isn't that expensive to fly, but I live at home (just graduated college last week..21 years old) and if you ever had a Mom...you understand you can't just up and fly to NYC every weekend without mom having a tizzy plus a million questions and suspicions. Plus my sister is usually really busy and will probably make a big deal out of it if I'm spending money to come see a guy. Am I being rediculous??? Should I go on my little rendezvous? Is this guy gonna end up losing interest the moment another pretty girl walks by? Blahh I wish I had all the answers!! Maybe you ahve some for me??? Why is it you always meet someone amazing and then the circumstances SUCK? hehe

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