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I'm in the same situation. I like this guy and he knows I like him. I'm pretty sure he likes me and my friends say they think he does too! He's the kinda guy that doesn't bother with girls too much and he's a really outgoing guy but he's shy around me. I know that I have to ask him out because chances are that he's not gonna ask me. I'm gonna ask him out next week so I suggest you ask this girl out... you have nothing to lose and if you think she likes you then don't pass up your chance! aight hope all goes well... don't worry about it too much! Later!


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Hey dude, just ask her out! Trust me, if you ask her out, chances are she will say yes, ESPECIALLY if you do it confidently and by yourself. There isn't much that's sexier than a guy who can just come flat out and ask us out.


DO NOT get a friend to ask her for you. Not only does it reduce your chances, but it also makes us feel uncomfortable/awkward.


If you, like me, are too shy to ask someone out, then flirt like hell! Girls love being flirted with. Try to bring up asking her out casually in conversation or something. Making the situation as comfortable as possible will increase your chances drastically!


Good luck!

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Let me tell you why you are shy. You are shy because your dirty mind! You were thinking of her body parts and what you like to do with them and this is the reason you were shy! You pervert! But seriously? If you can not think of her as a sex object, you will do fine. If you weren't shy when you went out with your sister or good female friends? You shouldn't with any girl. So just get that gutter out of your head! I mean your big head. Geez, how come I never had this "problem"!!!!?

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