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I have been going out with this girl now for about 3 weeks. I have always been good with girls bud have now made out befor. How should i come on to her and then how do you start making out. Also how do you make out like how do you move the toung around.PLEASE HELP! My e mail is email removed

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Hey. Ok brian..these are tips coming from a girl keep in mind. And i guess it is a very hard task to describe how to kiss someone online, demonstrations are best...But lemme see what I can do.


First of all when making that move. It takes just the right time to go for it. If you start kissing her at the wrong moment things will be very awkward and feel funny. Now the guys may disagree with me on this but coming from a girls point of view.. I personally think that starting slow and then moving gently faster its better than just sticking your tongue down her throat all at once. I guess it would nice if you held her hand or just grabbed her and pulled her close to you and just kissed her gently on her lips, closed kiss and just very soft. Then look at her to till her reaction if shes eager and pleased, I'd say kiss her again and then eventually this turns into making out. When you french kiss someone, it is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. I guess it looks a lot scarier at first when you have never done it and just see it on the movies. But al you do is slide your tongue in very gently, and not all the way and just kind of rub it with hers. Sometimes it is good to slowly glide your tongue around her lips and trace them.. Girls like different things.. But the one thing I recommend for you is to just be very gentle. The last thing you want is to use too much tongue, girls get annoyed with that. And dont keep french kissing her. Switch it up with regular closed kisses and french kissing.. Making out can sometimes seem boring after awhile so doing different things would help..

ANyway good luck and let me know if you need more advice.

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Alright. This is coming from a guy. I agree with smiles on the fact that moving to fast and to much tongue is a no. My first kiss was awkward, however, she kissed me first. I was standing in the street and her sister went inside and she just tackled me and started making out, I was freaked. My second kiss was just someone random that wanted to know how I kissed, ANYWAY! That is getting off the subject. Back to you Bryan. Make sure your eyes are closed and you don't rush it. Start with a peck on the lips or better yet, to show her you don't wanna move to fast, on the cheek, then back off,look at her a bit, then move in slow towards her, if she lets you then kiss her softly on the lips one time, don't rush it, let her control this. Some people aren't comfortable to kiss after a month or so. Anyway, open eyed kissing is rude, remember to keep them closed, keep the kiss slow, if she wants faster, let her increase the speed.


Now to weirdo, from a guy, the dude that tried to make out with you, depending on what it was that you did to refuse, probably either feels stupid or understands that you don't want to. Same thing applies, keep your eyes closed, start it slow, as I said the girl gave me my first kiss and just jumped into a make out session, I was freaked out. Start out by just rubbing his cheek or something, coming from someone I really like, that is something that I enjoy. Then with slow movements just lean in and kiss him with a peck. After the first peck lean back to keep eye contact, then lean in with a more in depth open mouth kiss. Just don't open your eyes, I hate it when girls stare.


Good Luck to both of you. I hope my advice helps.

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hang out and see what is going on. Get closer. hug her or see if she likes some kind of phisical contact. if yes, you can hung her then kiss her on the chick. you will see her reaction. if she appears to like it you will know. you can keep giving kisses on the chicks and slowly move on the lips. She has to participate as well though. You will know if she is into it.

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