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I recently transferred to a job location closer to my home but I want to go back


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The title pretty much sums it up..

My manager at the new location knows I want to go back but I told her I would give them a fair shot because they already got me in their system and I don't want to just leave them like that..

Right now I'm just so overwhelmed with so many aspects of my life that I have all these questions.. How long is a fair trial? How do I explain to them that it isn't personal, I just feel right at my other location with that crew.. . I don't want to give myself a bad name. It may be "just McDonald's" to some people but to me, it's a job and they are people. I don't want to screw them over and I don't want to screw myself over either. I know my other location wants me back and they are all saying how they miss me and my old manager said I'm welcome back any time.

I transferred because the location is closer.

I do enjoy the convenience of the location and the fact that my current location is slower than my last. But I truly feel that my old one is a better fit for me. The problem is, I don't know how to explain why it's a better fit. It's more organized imo and I just like it better. But I can't explain it, that's the problem.

I also feel as if the distance would be worth it... But like I said, I don't want to cause problems.. Help??

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