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I like her, but I want her to go away. She stays.

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I've liked this girl for the past few months. We spend a lot of time together. The other night she tells me that when she finds out a guy likes her, she distances herself from him to avoid drama.


I saw this as a perfect opportunity to tell her that I don't want to hang out with her anymore. It's too painful. I said:


"If that's what you do to people who like you, then I think I should go."


It's no mystery to her that I like her.


She told me not to go. Then she says she doesn't like me in that way. I asked her why she'd want me to stay since she has a policy in place when guys like her. She won't tell me why she wants me to stay. I'm tired of dealing with this.


How can I leave?

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Just go. Don't answer calls, don't answer text messages. If she shows up on your doorstep don't open the door. She will eventually go away, trust me. What's better, is she'll learn that not everyone appreciates drama and be more careful next time.


You did well when you said you'd better go, problem is you didn't follow through and actually GO... If you can just go like you said you were gonna then you will be fine. She'll prolly sit there and be like "oh jee... he LEFT?!" but that's not your problem once you go.


Take care.

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Just cut her off... make yourself unavailable. You can only do so much. If she likes you she'll let u know. Don't hang around to be the chump unless you really want to be another friend. Like I said to everyone else smile and walk away. She'll come to you if she wnats to pursue anything further.

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Whoa, whoa,whoa!! Hey don't leave this girl! Keep her around, unless you're actually looking for a girlfriend! She was talking out her booty when she told you that, and you did good by saying what you said. Don't try to become closer to her (for your protection), but don't drop her either! You can still have some good times, right? Hang out with every other week or so. Just keep it fun and light with her and everybody wins!! That bird may even change her tune!

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Hi Pal,

U tested her, didnt u? Haha! And u realised it isnt going the way u want to, and u find it quite absurd of the way she does things.


But maybe the definition of like are different in both of u. U are looking for love, and she is looking for friend. Try to adjust this a bit and have fun.

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