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Please help me, he says he doesnt love me anymore but..

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Heres my situation, my boyfriend and i broke up. We were supposedly in love but when he found out he had to move faraway, he suddenly fell out of love with me. I was and am crushed. The part that confuses me is that he says he doesnt love me and that hes sorry that he doesnt anymore but yet he told me that if he wasnt moving, things would be different between us and he doesnt want to hurt me. About a month ago he told my best friend that seeing that i still love him so much makes it that much harder to resist being with me, but he knows he cant because of the fact that hes moving. I love him with all of my heart and i continue to find ways to tell him i love him. But i was wondering can anyone please answer this question: if hes not in love with me anymore than why did he tell me things would be different if he wasnt and that it becomes harder to resist me, and that he misses me? Also we had a long talk about a week ago and i received 2 hugs from him during that talk. He held me as if he still loved me. He pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tighter with every passing second. As if he didnt want to let go. So PLEASE, please anybody out there..please help me. Please help me out and give me some advice on this. please

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He still loves you. I don't know if this makes it easier, or harder though.


People do not just fall out of love like this. He is telling you this to try to help you move on, and to convince himself that it is true. He has realized that the two of you do not have a future together, and that you both need to detach yourselves from each other. Sometimes love is not enough, and two people are just destined to not be together. It can be very hard, as you know well. It is no easier for him.

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Thats what all my friends have said to me about this. Hes even said something along those lines a few times. Except for the "i still love you" part. When we both turn 18 i am going to where hes moving to show him how much i do love him and that we can have a future together. If that doesnt change his mind about us, nothing will. I love him more than anything. Thankyou for the advice

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Have you talked to your parents about your plan?


You are only 16. Your boyfriend is doing the right thing by letting go of this. As wonderful as you two may have been together, he sees that there is no practical future for the two of you. Rather than asking both of you to wait 1-2 years to be reunited, he wants you both to be free. You have so many great guys to meet in your future. Each one will be special in their own unique way. You should not rob yourself of the chance to meet these guys by waiting around for someone who might not be waiting for you.


Who knows what the future may hold for the two of you. Your paths may cross again, but don't stop living waiting for that possibility.


If you truly love someone sometimes you have to let them go. This is hard, I know. Read the quote in my signature, maybe it will help you feel better about this, if even a little bit

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Well alot of people continue telling me things such as "theres plenty of fish in the sea", "move on, youll find somebody else", but i wont move on. I love him with all of my heart and i will find him again soon. My parents support this. As far as i know. and they realize that i would do anything to be with him again. even if that means saving myself for a few more years. I will wait, because i love him.

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