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Weird feeling.

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Recently my girlfriend and I had a really big fight. It happened after we had oral sex for the first time, and we got in an argument later the same day. Totally unrelatable topic. She just got really upset at me that I could argue about something, the same day after something so amazing and sensual happened.


Anyway, since that day I've had this feeling, it's really weird and almost undescribable.


I've never been in a relationship before, and we've been friends for so long that we've talked about a future together.


She was involved with a guy, and I rescued her from her harmful relationship. Now that we're about to start a relationship, I'm wondering if the weird feeling could be jitters and worry about 'I'm actually going to belong to someone'.


We've said 'I love you' to each other for 4 months and everything that people describe love to be, we have.


The feeling isn't there when I'm with her, I just get it at random times when I'm not. And it makes me think 'Is this love?, Do I LOVE her?'.


I've never had a relationship before, so thus I have had nothing to compare this feeling too. But all of people's descriptions of what love is, or what a loving relationship should be/do, we have.


Could it be the nervousness of entering a relationship? The 'I wanted her while I couldn't have her, now I don't want her anymore"(which I really doubt) or could it be, that I was infatuated and never really in love?

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We got through the argument, that's not directly related to this problem. Only that the feeling of weirdness sparked after it.


Maybe because during the reconcilation we expressed ALL of our feelings towards each other, and for once I realized that I didn't have to be insecure and worried about another person (like I was before, for 6 months because of her involved relationship). Maybe I realized the magnitude of the relationship now and am just adjusting to it. And getting rid of my insecruities and stuff, maybe that's giving me this weird feeling?

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maybe.. do you want it to happen? or are you just afraid?


i dont like to use me as example, but when i was in the same position as you, i was overwhelmed with the feeling that i found someone like this! i took everydaya s it came enjoyed it too, but we argued we argued a hellova alot and good things can/do end so make every second count

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I want to be with her, I think I'm just nervous.


I mean, the first relationship I'm going to have is going to be one with EXTREMELY strong feelings. Because we've known each other for so long and we have plans for the future.


I think I just need to adjust, and maybe that's what the feeling is? I don't think it's something as drastic as 'I don't love her anymore'.

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Love is a wonderful feeling, the best feeling you can have. But love can also make you a nervous wreck. While it is comforting to feel like someone understands and cares for you so completely, it can also be difficult and scary to let someone in that much. What you are feeling is perfectly natural, especially since your young and this is your first relationship. Maybe your afraid of being so serious, so soon. At your age, having long term plans for the future can be especially unsettling. Your still growing and will experience alot of changes. But if you two are convinced you well be together, that's good.


Try to relax and enjoy the relationship you have. Everyone gets nervous and scared, its part of being in love. But if your love is meant to be, it will overcome all fears and problems. And if the love doesn't last, cherish the time you have together.

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I get where your coming from. You don't exactly want to come off as saying "being with you is making me nervous." But honesty is the best policy. Say that you've never felt this way about someone and that you care about her so much that you don't know how to feel at times. Say that your worried that things won't work out, that you won't be able to be the person she deserves. Say that sometimes you feel scared that something so amazing and wonderful is happening to you. Just be honest and speak from the heart. Open, honest communication is essential in any lasting relationship. She should understand and be willing to talk things out with you. She probably has the same fears and concerns you have.

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Well I talked to her, straight from the heart.


She told me to take things one day at a time and to be myself and not too worry so damn much. Haha.


She also told me that she never wants me to question how I feel about her again...


Lol, hopefully everthing is okay.


Thanks again.

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