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Fun ?: Do you think people tell the truth while drunk?

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I just find it funny how people act while intoxicated (ie: drunk dialing the exes, saying things that would normally never come out of their mouth, etc, etc)


Some say that people tell the truth while inebriated. What do you guys think? Do people tell the truth and are in general just less inhibited? Or are they just talking out of their behinds?


For myself, I guess I think it's part truth and part retardation. Heh. I usually say whatever the heck Im thinking (not always a good thing)


Just curious for others opinions.

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I find that people tend to talk more, period, when they're drunk... now whether it is all the truth, who knows, I know I tend to just rattle on and yes, I probably tell things that I normally wouldn't.


There have been several instances where my husband has slipped up and revealed previous lies to me when he was drunk. Like, he won't realize he already lied to me about that.... so yes it is a good tool to find out things, however, usually when you find out you've had a few too so it makes things depressing anyway....


I try to always remain AWARE when I am drinking. I know my limit.... when I reach it, I reach for diet coke or water for the rest of the night and I don't go back to the alcohol.


Also if you eat a bunch of cheese before you drink, you can drink all night and not get nearly as drunk as you normally would. Fun fact!!!!

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When someone's drunk they have less inhabitions and will do and say things they normally wouldn't. Some of it may be true but alot of it will be lies, maybe to blame others for there actions. Either way, you can get a good luck at the kind of person he or she is. The key is to know the person so you can separate the truth from the lies.


And while it may seem amusing to look at someone in such a helpless, pathetic sight, don't forget that it's also a harmful state for someone to be in. They are hurting themselves and risking the physical and emotional conditions of others.

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