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You probably don't want to hear this just yet but...

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it gets better, it really really does. It's been about seven weeks now - I've stopped counting, to be honest. No desire to hear from him ever again. He was horrible to me. My dad had just died, and he was horrible to me. Yet I first encountered this forum when I was desperate to get him back! I wasn't well. BUT...things have changed.


In fact it gets so so so better that you might never want to be with a partner again!


This forum has been absolutely invaluable to me, as have friends, and good old self-help, the usual Jeffers 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' but most of all the work of Wayne Dyer, especially 'The Power of Intention.' NEVER in a million years did I expect to be the sort of person to evangelise over this sort of thing but it really, really works. Gives you the guts to do whatever you want! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thanks to all you good people on here who make this forum so superb, I'm sure you've kept lots of people going.


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! And remember, you deserve BETTER than someone who doesn't wake up every morning thanking God that they met you!

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Aww bless you all! And I hope you're all getting there too...


As for the Jesus comparison well - I have sensed the odd echo or two!


(By the way, after I made my last post someone told me 'by accident' that they'd seen my ex 'all over' some girl at a club...and you know what, I don't care!! I wish 'em all the best! FREEDOM!)


Have a WONDERFUL festive season!

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Oh gosh no, you shouldn't be - it will come to you too!


Perhaps my situation is different because I know that the bloke was very cruel to me... I really did all I could to make it work. But well - we've got to wish the best for everyone haven't we? And forgiving them isn't even so much for them as for us.


I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and embrace every moment of it! I'm with friends (I don't have parents now, which was a big part of my problems that he couldn't understand) and know I am so, so lucky to have such great friends. I'm sure you all have people who deserve your time more than your ex too.


2005 is going to be great - trust me!

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