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The love of my life is leaving me forever.


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Hey everyone, I don't know where to post this so I'll post it here.


The girl that I love more than anything in the world is moving away soon. She is moving to another city and I'm afraid I'll never see her again. The problem is that I've never told her how I felt, and these last couple of weeks I've been a total idiot. I think that I might have hurt her badly. So now I just want to say that I'm sorry. But you see it's not that easy cuz I don't even know her phone number, I have no idea where she lives, and I don't know her msn. Getting her phone number will be impossible cuz there is no school now and when school starts again she will be gone. I can't get her adress either. I was thinking maybe I could get her msn since it's the only thing that will stay the same after she moves, but how? I tried looking her up in the members search but I couldn't find her.


Do you guys have any ideas? I think that maybe there is a website where you enter the persons name and it will search for all profiles that have ever been created under that name. But then again she might not have used her real name. I don't know what to do, my plan right now is to go buy a can of white paint and some black spray paint, then on the last day of holidays go to my school at night and paint "I LOVE YOU, followed by her name" in giant letters all over the school. Her friends will see it and tell her. Then I would secretly tell one of her friends that I was spray painted those words. You guys have any better ideas???

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