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To ask or not to ask that is the question


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I dunno if youve read my last post or not link removed but ive got a few more questions. It has been a little while since i last admitted that i liked her. she is extremelly spontaneous and confusing so i have no idea what she is thinking. Anyways, i have been ignoring her lately and im almost positive that shes noticed(ive used this strategy before and it worked except it was just because i started liking someone else and i ended up missing my chance). and im also pretty sure that later on shell IM me and ask me why ive been ignoring her. And i would like to ask the ladies out there what i should say in this situation to eventually end up asking her out. or if she doesnt ask y ive been ignoring her, then what i should say to gradually introduce the topic of going out into the convo so that i can ask her without seeming random. Could all you ladies help me out as soon as possible?(guys can give some advice too but i trust the females on this topic more)

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