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the meaning of I love you is what the person saying it feels it is...there isn't a universal set in stone answer to that question.


You, obviously, take it very seriously...others don't.


The trick is to find somone who values the meaning of it as much as you do...and the only way to find that is to really get to know the person you could potentially say it to.

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Love means different things to different people and for some it means more than others. "In love" is also used to describe this feeling. Love is an emotion created by a person that makes them feel that they have an unbreakable bond with another person, this bond makes them feel comfortable, secure and an overall good feeling. Love isnt magical it can be predicted typically the more time you spend with a person and get to know them your capability of loving them will increase.

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my friend once told me that you are really only supposed to say "I love you" once. I dont believe that because i think that it is possible to love more than one person. I was in love in my last relationship and i am starting to fall in love all over again.

Are you only supposed to love once. And all the others are just lust?

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I dont think anyone can claim to explain precisely what love is, but if they can my god they will be making millions. Ive tried alot of times to explain what it is, and sometimes its easier thinking to yourself ''what is it deffinitley not?'' and even those answers will have their loop holes! Like most things it has its questions and again with most things it has a whole variety of answers.


A couple of things i do know i feel i know is that there arent guidelines to love, and hopefully im right to say it cant be tracked down and stuck on like a label, youll feel it!



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I take the phrase: "I Love You" very seriously. I would say that you can only be *truly* in love once in your life. Because if you honestly loved them one hundred percent...and they *loved* you...why would you ever break apart? I would hope that real love (if that even exists?)...is something that means forever. That sticks with the two people and holds them together through anything. I think the word is tossed around far too carelessly these days. I guess my belief is you can 'love' someone...but that doesn't mean you both are "in love". You care about them...but when two people are 'in love' they care more about the other person than even themselves...and would stand by them forever no matter what.


In a nut shell, that's my views.

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