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Never thought it would happen.

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Well, ex and I broke up January of this year but we remained friends. Up until lately it was just us being friends but then I joined the Marine Corps and I guess that "distance/space makes the heart grow fonder" was true in our senario. I guess she liked the new me after I came back from bootcamp. Lately she's been texting me and calling me a lot at my duty station, and even volunteered to pick me up from the airport the day I arrived home for christmas leave.


I got back home last week and I noticed that she was being flirtacious with me and even bought me a sweater. It wasnt until I got a text message on Sunday saying "I need to talk to you about sumthin" that I gathered that this could be sumthin more than just a friendship. So I called her up that night and she tells me that she wants to tell me on tuesday (tonight). Well, tonight she was still being flirtacious and whatnot. Later on during bowling we were having a conversation and then she tells me F-You. I move my lips saying "when" siliently. She gets this look on her face and then calls me over. She tells me "you really wanna know?" When I look at her bewildered she tells me "Dont ask questions if you dont want the answer". After we got done bowling she drove me home and we sat in her car listening to music. She was making a lot of attempts at physical contact and when I was literally face to face with her she would not even flinch and even tapped me on the lips on her own accord.


Right now Im kinda torn apart because I still have feelings for her, but I dont know if someone will get hurt because of it. I was going to ask her tonight what she wanted to talk about but didnt know if it would be stupid of me to ask if her actions were making it perfectly clear what was on her mind. I could use some suggestions on how to handle this... for those who have been in this situation what did you do and how did it turn out? I couldn't see us being together in the immediate future because with me being in the Marines I won't be home for extended periods of time, and a LTR is out of the question. Thanks ahead of time guys.

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You know, since you've been home, she has been more interested, but your thinking is that something else is going on, and that just because a man in uniform, or whatever turns her on, you shouldn't go for it.


But did you think about this? Maybe you joining up, and getting a good job, being serious, and making your country proud is just what your relationship needed to last, and all the good things that went on in your old relationship with her can still continute, and more.


I think that she wants to take you much more seriously now, and has more respect for you as a person. Maybe that's just what you needed in the first place.


I hope i'm not wrong, but i never said i was right. Good luck, and even though i'm Canadian, good job with the Marines.

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For whatever reason it sounds like the time apart has rekindled her interest in you. I suggest that even if you have feelings for her that you do not sleep with ber, because you have already said that a LTR is out of the question for you and in this case you will just end up hurting her and yourself.


Maybe if you are interested in a possible relationship when you get out (when?) you could suggest letters or emails, and try to get to know each other again, without the physical contact.


What was the reason you guys broke up in the first place? How long was the relationship?

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I get out in four and a half years so it will be a while. As far as how long we went out for, we went out for a month but the problem was (as far as I can think) that I was being too overbearing and clingy. Through that expirience I learned that being clingy and whatnot will just drive people away, so I dont do that anymore. So I guess that with me not being clingy and up her butt so to speak she likes what she sees. I think im gonna talk with her about it tonight because im supposed to go with her and some friends xmas shopping. Tonight I'll tell her we need to talk and let her know how I feel as far as how things are moving. Wel'll see how things turn out this time. Thanks guys... ill let ya know how it turns out.

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Hey guys... just got back from the mall outing.


Well, things were going as usual today... she was being flirtacious and whatnot. We were out for a couple hours then when she pulls up to my house we sat there and after prying it out of her for like five minutes she spilled the beans.


She said that she had missed me a lot, and that she wanted to apologize for how our relationship ended. She said that she let her friends misguide her and talk her into just tossing me aside. After that she said she still liked me a lot and just wanted to apologize and thank me for still being at her side even after what she had done to me.


After she was done saying what she had to say I let her know what I went through during last december and let her know that I still care for her and if it weren't for the way the cards of life were dealt i would be with her. After that we sat there and then I hugged her, and we kissed for a few minutes. She seemed really happy and I was happy too that we could both get all this off our chests.


Its ironic that our lives have gone in the paths that they did but who knows? Maybe someday we could have something... but not right now. Right now all is well how it is. Thanks you guys for the support you gave me whilst I was going through my troubles earlier this year and thanks for being here for when the tables turned so to speak. I don't doubt that the day will come when I will seek eNotAlone for some advice on something that is feeling not right.

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