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Speak Now of Forever Hold ..........

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I have been a relationship with a really nice man and father to his child for 4 years. We have had our share of ups and downs and did break up for a short time. We did get back together and started working on a stronger relationship. His weakness is communication. With him it is like a don't ask don't tell policy. We have one child together and I have one from a previous relationship. After 4 years and no commitment I got tired of waiting and stopped pretending to be happy an showed how I felt. basically I jus stopped having sex with him. Feb this year he came to my job and propossed to me and ofcourse I said "YES". It is now Ma and I am finding out that he is STILL MARRIED from 95 and is filing for a divorce. Now he claims he told me he was married before but left out the part he is still married. I now have mixed feelings beacuse he did not come upfront and tell me the situation and now that we have set a date and plan to go to Jamaica for our honeymoon I am not sure if I can do it. Someone please HELP.

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Dont worry about it... its obvious he loves you or he wouldnt have proposed... Hes probly kicking himself for not telling you, he just didnt know you were going to respond this way. Dont let a small thing like this break up what you have, your getting married, and have a honeymoon planned, these are supposed to be happy years... enjoy it while it lasts

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He probably didnt tell you because he didnt want to scare you away. You are getting married. You have to love him if you said yes. Try and trust him and dont ever hold it over his head. He probably didnt do it to mean to hurt you. He probably wanted to get the papers done and one with life that is why he is marrying you.


Have fun on your honeymoon and remember to be naked 85% of the time you are there

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