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my bf and i want to fix things,but we are not sure if it will be the same. HELP!


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my boy friend and i have been together for 3 years on feb 26th but a few months ago we were having some problems that i now realize it was my fault for being clingy and asking to much from him when we were both very stressed out.any way,we took a break for about 4 months.we still hung out a lot did things together with his family and we never told people the we broke up because we were going to get back together.but i started to like someone else and i felt guilty and depressed about it cause i love my ex with all i have.i was always sad around him and the brought him down.he began to to think that i wasent coming back and began to like another girl.i found out he liked her the night before our anniversary and it shredded me to peices.it hurts him that he likes her and he knows its hurting me bad.he said that he only started liking her because he could escape my constant sadness and just be happy for a bit with her.and they had some things in common.this girl is his best friends little sister and she is much younger than us (he and i are the same age). he says he wants to get over her and come back to me when we can stop being so sad and be happy again with each other,but we are afraid that things will never be the same.he told me he could never love any one esle like he loves me and that this would never happen.if he does truly love me,why cant he let her go so esayly? the moment i found out he liked her i told the person i had been talking to that i could no longer be more than friends with him(it hurt him but i always told him about how much i loved my ex and how i was going back) im not sure i even did really like him at all.any way, i do love my ex with all i have.he is definitely who i want to spend my life with and he wants to with me,but im afraid that this rather large bump in our road will permanently damage what we had and make us unable to go on again.

thank you for reading and for giving any feed back.all help is greatly appreciated and best wishes to all.

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