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i feel so lost ...i dont know up from down right now. im sorry for putting my trust in anyone ..its seems any one will do anything in their power to get their way whether it means hurting a so called friend or not...i never try to hurt ppl ..and if i would ..they dont do n e thing about it..well im sick of not doing anything about it....i thoguth i had some really good friends .i just dont know ne more tho ....im so confused...all these secrets are coming out ..and all this deceit ....i dont get it

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I don't trust much. There is a fine line between friends and enemies. My best friend screwed me over a few months back. Never seen it coming. It was bad enough I didn't trust then, but now...I keep stuff to myself. Never tell anybody anything you do not want repeated. This includes saying negative things to your friends about other friends. I'm sure you heard the expression if you do not have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all.


Ironically some of my good friends now actually started off as enemies.


You learned your lesson. You will know better next time.



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I don't trust many people much - most people will screw you over if they get a chance at something they want....


But if thats the risk you have to take. Otherwise we'd never talk to anyone. I guess all you can do is be careful and make sure you don't leave yourself in a vunerable position.


"keep your friends close but your enermies closer" If you want mess someone up you need to get close to them.


The best way of keeping a secret a secret is not to tell anyone - as soon as you do - someone will find out....

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