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I met this guy when I was on vacation in May. We hit it off immediately and ended up spending the rest of my vacation together. At that time I had a boyfriend at home, in which our relationship was in the process of being over. He also had a girlfriend, that he has been living with for the past 10 years. He told me that he loves her for the things that she does, but he isn't in love with her enough to stop him from cheating. He said that there has always been something missing with her that he has sought out in other women. But he hasn't been man enough to leave her, because she was there for him when he had no where to go. Somehow, me and him started spending alot of time together, we live about six hours away, but we managed to see each other 2 or 3 times a month. In the course of us spending time together, we feel in love with each other. Well I guess you can say I fell in love with him. He told me that he really loves me too, but right now he just can't bring himself to tell her to leave. So I decided to brake things off with him, because It is not fair for him to keep having his cake and eating it too!! However I am hurt now, because in away I knew he would never leave since he has been with her for so long, but then again if he really loved her, he wouldn't cheat on her in which she knows he does and accepts it. He still wants to see me, but my heart just can't take it. He wants to see me one more time before we completely call it quits. Should I see him or just shut him off completely and heal and look for me a new love?

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Call it quits!!!!


Why bother seeing him for one last time? He just wants to have sex with you! At least that's what I think...it's only my opinion based on your post.


Unless you see this relationship as it really is, then you are fooling yourself into thinking that he would be yours...because he's not.


Sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh, but I believe that you need someone to snap you back to reality. The reality is that this guy has you on the side and a girlfriend at home who will wash his laundry, cook and clean for him. Do you really want to be the "other woman"?

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i agree with tigerlilies. end it now. anyways if you had a realtionship with him it is very possible he would cheat on you too. this guy is not worth it! you might have fallen in love with him but he is just prob really smooth. he may even have a handful of girls you just dont know about cause ur not around. i feel truly bad for his gf. im upset you were the 'other women' but i am very proud you cut it off. as for being lonely, well thats something we all have to go through at times. whats so wrong with spending time with yourself? take this experience, learn from it and let it go before you get any more attached. itll just hurt more in the end.

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