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Irrational Jealousy << A Venting Session>>


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Ok, I just need to vent because I was pretty pissed off. (so stupid too!)


So shortly after I broke up with my ex of 2 years, I developed a crush on a guy that I work with. He was smart, funny, etc.... I ended up sleeping at his house one night, and we kissed and cuddled but nothing more. He is very shy, and Im very stubborn and refuse to pursue, so although we continued to talk, nothing really happened after that.


(I work at a bar), and last Sunday I came in with friends. I imbibed pretty freely as it was a friends birthday. (He was bartending that night). There were quite a few guys that bought me drinks and such. Outwardly I would say that it didn't seem that the guy from my work had a problem (I wouldn't really take him for the jealous type), but instinctively I think he did.


Anyways, I digress. There is another girl at my work, who is VERY sexual. We're talking the openly flirty, everything is a sexual innuendo type girl. (ie: she treats every guy like she wants to take them home) Well, I think she has also developed a little bit of a thing for this guy.


So yesterday I worked (no drinking ), had to wait for a friend to finish so we could go eat, and was compelled by my boss to stay and have a beer. Earlier I had been talking to the bartender (one I had a crush on) and he was making a point of conversing with me. I would catch him looking at me a lot.


So later as we're all sitting at the bar for after bar, this girl starts MASSIVELY hitting on him (I mean we're talking nipple biting, touching, talking about what she wants to do to him....blah!) I felt soooooooooo uncomfortable and irrationally jealous, even though my crush has faded considerably. Im not sure if it was because she was getting the attention, or if I hadn't realized I still had a mini crush on him. I was just disgusted though. Ugh, Im mad at myself for even being uncomfortable and jealous because that is really not like me. I handled myself well and ignored them and talked to friends.


I don't know what the purpose of all this was except that I just wanted to vent. Lol. Sorry if I bored anyone.

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Well don't worry because it sounds like this girl is only into the sex and nothing more. Even if those two got into a relationship then I doubt it would last long since it would only be based on sex. It's not worth investing your emotions in this (as hard as it may be not to).

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I really don't know. Maybe a part of me does, but the other part absalutely loves being single. I haven't been single in 4 years. Im used to being with someone, so sometimes it's strange to come home to an empty bed that I STILL sleep on one side of.


I think I was being pretty irrational, but at least I know that and can laugh about it. But hey, if that's the type of girl he wants, Im sure the remnants of the crush I have will be gone forever.

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