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hey this girl at school i've been friends with for a little while and more recently, I noticed her noticing me out of the corner of her eye a lot. I mean a lot in the sense that sometimes i notice her going out of her way to look at me. but heres the big dillemma. she wrote some kind of love letter to this other guy. I dont think he really wants her though. I really need some help though cause i think shes the greatest girl i ever met. Oh yeah and shes told me that she thinks im very funny and ultra cool in the past. she's also told me that im one of the greatest musicians she knows. also one of her friends that i know told me i was hot one day. What the heck should I do? - Darren

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This is a difficult situation. I guess maybe you could try to watch out for her body language, and see how she reacts when you do stuff. Give it some time maybe, and see how it ends up. Maybe this is wrong advice, and maybe some people would say go straight in and ask her, but this is what i would do.

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