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You're 13, for chrissake! Don't worry, it will grow.


And I'm going to assume you're probably this girl's first boyfriend (or at least first for any sexual activity) so she probably won't care how big it is. She will merely be happy to see it & perhaps even touch it (!!)


That is all.

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13! look, i know age is just a number, but i would advise against getting sexually involved to that degree with anyone yet. take your time!! theres too many risks, too many emotions and too much involved. but for the record...we dont really care about size...and at 13.. come on, what can one expect. plus, would you judge her breast size a lot at this age? probably not...but still try and not do this...

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I agree with everyone on the age issue. There IS such a thing as being too young. After you have been "engaged in sexual activity" it changes everything..like that saying, "sex changes everything" It's true, if not right away, it will. Too many emotins are involved with things having to do with sex. I'm not sure you or your gf are emotionally ready. [-( Eeek, to be honest, this is really scary stuff to me, I mean, I didn't even know what oral sex was when I was 13...GEEZE!



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