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Oral sex on guys

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I love giving my bf oral sex even though I used to hate it before.The only thing is,we dont see each other very often,and when we do,we prefer having sex than doing anything else.We go down on each other's but if I make him come during oral,then that means one opportunity less to have sex lol,get it? I wanna make him come but he usually takes a lot to come and I dont wanna be there like half an hour either.So I wanna know how to make him come quite fast while giving him oral.Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

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When you perform oral on him do you just focus on his shaft and only use your mouth? I ask because some guys can get really "excited" when a girl is "multi-functional". Performing oral while performing a hand job is a way to get quicker results, as well as keeping him going when you focus on his balls (sorry if I'm to blunt about this). You can also try bringing in some outside products to help stimulate him. Oils, syrup, whip cream, and all that stuff works to get guys "off" faster than usual. My g/f actually came home last week with some stuff from Fredricks that get's hot when air is blown on it. Well that stuff was pretty intense to say the least.


You can also try what the previous poster said and give him a long bj, then follow it up with some quick sex to finish things off.

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Yeah... If it doesnt hurt him, pull his penis AWAY from him (i.e. downward, toward his toes) while you do it. It intensifies the feeling for a lot of guys. My BF who can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes or longer depending on what I want, LITERALLY can't hold onto it more than 2 minutes if I do this.


Try 69 position, him on top, and do the above. That may be even better.

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Usually we play around orally before sex as a form of foreplay. Definitely try the mouth and hand combination....it is way more intense and covers way more of the penis then just your mouth alone (unless you can deep-throat but that isnt something most women can do).


I find my jaw gets sore if my bf takes too long to orgasm when we're strictly doing oral (he can last along time during sex too...which I like...but then I dont get SORE! ). So, I make sure he`s really wet and take breaks by just giving him some hand...then just some mouth and then both mixed together.

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Hey PA, the stuff is called "Kiss of Fire" and it's cherry flavored massage oil. I had a chance to use it back on her tonight, and she had as much "fun" with it as I did when she used it on me. She said that she also heard of a few different kinds, and we may end up going back to get some other kinds.

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