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What makes it amazing?

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My friends and I were discussing sex earlier today...and we came to a general consensus what makes sex mindblowing for women. We didn't have any men around to ask....so I thought I would post here. We have heard many negatives about sex....like men consider it "bad sex" when the woman just "lies there". So, what makes sex absolutely mindblowing for men? Thanks in advance for posts!

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My ex always wanted to do missionary so she "didnt have to do anything" (literally from her mouth). She liked letting me do all the work while she literally layed back and enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, she made all the noises and would grab my body, but it just wasn't what I wanted.


I think having a woman that likes to go from missionary to tossing me over and riding on top with an attitude. It's more fun and more exciting if the woman is obviously enjoying it and willing to mix things up both rythm wise and position wise.

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It's my experience that men really like variety. I'll use Vert as an example: one minute she's lying there, letting Vert do what he wants, then suddenly she takes charge. Guys seem to like that a lot! It's sort of like a game. Not that it should be taken lightly, but for the couple it's sort of like... who can shock who the most. Going for the best reactions... A game of figuring out what your partner REALLY likes. Things neither of you realized before.

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What makes sex absolutly mind blowing is not just about how "active" your partner is, but what type of "connection" you two have. I've been with girls who could possibly hang from the ceiling fan during sex, but it still wasn't "mind blowing". With my current g/f, with whom I have the greatest "connection" with, even just missionary sex is more "mind blowing" than any acrobactic act my previous parnters would do. But that doesn't mean she's a "stick" that lies there either. She is great at grinder her hips, and flexing her Kegel muscle, which also adds to some great feelings during sex. But the feeling of having sex with someone who you have such a deep physical, mental, and spiritual bond with is just completely mind blowing because it's an experience you can never forget. Well that's my 2 cents anyways.

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I think switch was saying it right, I think guys want intimacy and connectedness as much as women do. Sure guys respond faster to visual and physical things, but I think making deep love is more meaningful to guys the same as for women.


let me add,


I think for men that when they see their partner enjoying it as much as they do, they feel a sense of accomplishment. They want to be respected as a skilled and excellent lover.


So don't be afraid to express, to be free, to be loud, to be wild, to let go.

The guys think it is all their doing that all that happened and they love it.

(even if it really was just you letting that all happen)


make him feel like the Love Master and he is the only one that can make you go wild. (stroking the ego even if it's not true


The ladies are the gatekeepers sometimes.

Let go the flood gates...




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I agree 100% with that. I've always thought I was atypical because I wanted to love my gf and be loved by her instead of finding random sex to just "get laid". I was more concerned with her loving me and wanting to have sex with me because... well... because she loved me with all her heart. I lost her a few months ago (apparently all that stuff she said to me about being "the only guy she wants to know intimately" was a lie) but that still doesn't mean I don't want my next sexual partner to mean anything less. I guess I'm a true romantic at heart...

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