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i have a boyfriend who i love so much we are in a serious relationship and want to stay together for a long time. (hopefully forever) but recently we have been apart some...he has been busy and not paying much attention to me. i made an awful decision, to cheated on him with one of his best friends and had sex (with out a condom too) and i havent had my period in a while either. my boy friend hasnt found out what i have done yet. should i tell him what i did? and what will happen if i have gotten pregnant?

please help me becuase if i loose my boyfriend or get pregnant i feel like i will kill myself!!

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You should go seek help from a psychologist. Sounds to me like you're very depressive by nature, and the cheating could be a sympton of that. The need to feel appreciated even at the slightest troubles with the guy you're with.


Oh yeah. And be honest. You can't build relationships on lies.

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