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Hey, I have a couple of Haiku that I'd like you guys to R&R for me!




Venomous Droplets,

Flowing Tears Down Silver Glades,

Pure Ovals Of Pain.





Blood Flows Like Water,

Life Essense Ebbing Away,

I Fall To My Knees.






Does every soul not

Cry your name wistfully, for

You hold the power.


Legend or lost cause,

They will all kneel in time, to

You and Fate alike.


Skeletal Image -

A cloaked shroud on ethereal steed

Comes to claim what's his.


Deep glowing red orbs,

They see no remorse, only

Guide the claw that wields


The sword of heartbreak,

Destruction and mayhem are

His lethal trademark.


He relishes in

The creation of lost souls,

For that is his art.


He caters for those

Who wish relief from pain, or

Are just curious.


His doom-bearing scythe,

Slakes the thirst of those who are

Really suffering.





That's it.... Could I have some opinions on each one, maybe pros and cons, please!?


XxX xXx



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You're deep! The Haikus were awesome, very intense! I feel anger, sorrow, worry, alot of negitive emotions, sad ones. Very well written!

The're really good. i know poetry, hakius are my hardest, so way to go.

Just got one question- Poetry reflects you real life, in many ways. Is there something so sad in your life you can't write a less... depressing poem!


If too personal don't answer, just curious where you get your energy from.

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