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I need some lovin'!~


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hey you guys...


It's been 8 months since i've had any affection in my life... I think i need some lovin...


*sigh* I dun wanna end up just making out with someone for the hell of it. I've actually been offered, but i just dun wanna feel cheap and stuff...


DAMMIt!! lol


I'm seriosuly tempted to just 'play' you know? Flings i spose... argh damn conscience!

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It's been a little over 3 months for me and I'm already super super super frustrated. =S It's okay, hang in there, you'll find a boyfriend soon and you'll have someone to make out with. My boyfriend will come home soon too so I'll have someone to make out with too. *wishfull thinking*

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=/ no.. you shouldn't. too much of a on call aspect to that offer... sadly girls don't get to play around and not worry about reputation.



... -_- no.. bf's coming home "soon" sometime next year... -_-;;; probably towards the mid or late next year. lol... hopefully you'll have a bf when mine comes back.

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lol yeh... HOPFULLY


bummer! I guess i have to wait for a new bf! I hate it tho... I dunot know what i want


Sometimes i think, ok maybe a virgin so i know that they are 'clean' if u knwo what i mean ? But then i feel bad cos im not a virgin... and also that they may be not 'good'


Then i think, maybe i can go with a 'player' but i dun reallywant to cos as u said, the reputation... but then he can really satisfy me... ARGHHH


I wish i can just not think about this... lol

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Did you ever consider putting your hormones on the back burner for a while? The feeling that you need to be with someone can be hindering in that you might be with someone that you really shouldn't be with. The idea of flings is really not a good one. Try to find someone that you actualy do love, until then you know you can use your hands to do the deed right? not to be crude though.

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No i wont be having any flings. I would feel cheap and dirty. I have a lot of self-respect for that to happen.


I dint say i was going to have flings, i said it has crossed my mind and am tempted... but i dun think i would. Again, my conscience will kill me! I'll never forgive myself...


Yesh i spose the hands can do the deeds... but it'dbe better if it was someone else's hands for a change! 8 months man! lol



BUt no worries, still hanging

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Its really not thta big of a deal, if you really wanted to hook up with a guy then you would. You find it necessary to keep thinking about the situation as if you are actually going to change your mind. So in essense what you are doing is just venting, cuz you know there is no way you are going to hook up but you just like thinking about it. The easiest thing to do is to stop thinking about it.

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8 months for me. It's not easy. It's definitely harder for those who have been in a physical relationship and then suddenly it's not there to satisfy those physical needs. And yes, they are needs. Not the number one need on my list, but it is something that helps in certain areas. But, you learn to live with it and be patient. Hormones are quite pesty, aren't they?

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It's a big deal for me because I know I won't be having sex with the girl I used to love It's now been 4 months without anything for me, and I think I'm almost to the point where I would be able to get physical with a girl and not think of my ex. I'm not the kind of guy that can have casual sex so for me to do it again I'd need to be in a real relationship that I could see going somewhere. Now, making out is another story

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I have and do have casual sex. Never in my existence did I think I would be one of those chicks who has casual sex, but I think it has alot to do with your morals. I don't feel there is anything wrong with casual sex. Alot of the people around me tell me that that is whoring and etc., but I feel as long as you are protecting yourself and it is with people you at least know you are okay. That's my opinion though and I know I'll probrably get alot of s**t for it.

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No, you won't get s--- for it. That is your choice and obviously you are entitled to how you want to act as long as it is lawful, obviously. Casual sex even while using protection is not 100% fool proof and can give you VD's. At the least, you know that casual sex is not the answer and it is probably filling a greater void that isn't being addressed. Deep down, I'm sure you want to have that relationship where sex is more than just casual encounters.


I'm not trying to belittle what you said, but I think there is a deeper issue here. I've never met someone that didn't have alterior motives or problems for having casual sex and defending it.

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Deep down I do want a relationship and I tell myself I won't casual sex but then I do. I'm not making excuses, but every male I have come into contact with besides my father of course has treated me as a some sort of sex object even when I wasn't a sexual person. I can't seem to get enough sex though. And I really don't feel bad about the casual sex because it is what both parties want.

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