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I am so confused about my ex

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He tells me one min. he wants to be with me and I believe him cause I still love him. But he also will sit there and tell me of all these other girls that he likes. I don't know what to do. I don't wanna move on because I don't think any one else will ever love me again. Sure I have guys that like me but its not the same. I just dunno. Do ya'll think I should wait around or move on?

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sounds like he just wants to make you jealous when he talks about all these other girls, i think you need a proper talk with him, and if he says that he dont want you anymore you must move on, at the moment im just getting over a relationship with my ex gf and i feel alot better now after only 1 month NC.

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you are 15 years old...this boy isn't going to be the one and only guy you date in your life...nor are either of you at an age where an exclusive relationship is all that healthy anyway.


If he wants to date other girls, then you should be dating other guys...no point waiting around for something that more than likely won't happen.

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Sweetie I think you should show this boy that you still respect yourself and expect the same from him --and move on. He is talking to you about other girls?? That's a big NO NO. He should know better, but you know what? the fact that he is doing it says he thinks it's ok to do that.. and you don't need a boy like that.


A guy who cares about you will want to please you and make you happy, he will not want to see you hurting unecessarily.


Fear is not a good reason to hold on to a relationship. Fear is the worst adviser. You listen to your fears and you will be stuck in a dead end, abusive relationship.


Love yourself and convince yourself that you have no reason to stick around when someone is not treating you well. Walk away with your dignity because sometimes that's all you will have left, but it will always pick you up again.



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Muneca is right.


If him talking about other girls makes you feel bad it is because, and I'm sure if you think about it you will agree, it isn't right. You need to be respected in any kind of a relationship or friendship and him not taking how you feel about what he says into consideration is not showing you respect.

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