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random, but really confused.

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ok....well, im not sure what prob i wanna talk about....ive been with my bf for about a month, and ive got to say that were going faster then my other relationships....


1-he fingered me a couple of times and afterward, i find my stomach hurts...whats up with that?

2-he cam on my chest and i was just totally digusted by it, is this normal or is this just because of my lack of experience?

3-i feel like i wanna have sex, but then again, im all "upset" because he came on my chest...?!?

4- im paniking for xmas...my friends wanted me to buy one of those....well, im not sure how'd you call'em , but like at lasenza and stuff( real sexy/revealing ...) and that would have been part of his xmas gift... ..but im not sure....well, i dont really know if ive got enough confidence to do that, and wether hed like that....


lol...I guess im pretty confused and lost right now....

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Is he fingering you really hard when he does it? I know some girls have had their stomache hurt afterward because the guy was really rough. Also, just because you don't like when he cums on your chest doesn't make you weird! There are a lot of people who wouldn't like that at all, but they still enjoy sex. Its two different things. You should tell him if it grosses you out, but don't do anything with him that you are uncomfortable with, including sex!

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1 - That's usually do to him pushing his finger in too hard, or too rough. If this is a persistent problem, tell him that he may be doing it too hard. A good way to find out is finger yourself one night, doing it however you feel pleasures you the most. If your stomach hurts, try something different (such as speed, motion, and deepness) and see if it still does. Once you find out which way doesn't hurt you, then tell him that you want him to do it that way. Or you can just tell him that it hurts, and if he could just try something different.


2 - Not all women like cum on them, no matter where it goes. If you didn't like it, then you didn't like it. Just tell him that you would rather have him cum on a towel, or just use a condom (since if your not on the pill you shouldn't be having sex without a condom). This has nothing to do with experience, just preferance. You don't like it and that's it, end of story.


3 - Next time you feel like having sex, but that upset feeling comes in, tell him that you don't want him to cum on your chest. Pretty much this answer goes with the answer above.


4 - Don't buy any lingerie, or "revealing" clothes, until your ready. You two have only been together for a month, and you don't have to were some lingerie on Christmas to make him happy. Lingerie should actually make both partners happy. It shouldn't be just for one person. Same thing with the cum problem, if you don't like it or not comfertable with it right now, then don't do it. You should only do things that your comfertable with doing, not just to please another person. A loving relationship is pleasurable to both partners, not just one.

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yeah, if you dont like him messing on your chest, then tell him to stop! i wouldnt like that either. as far as the sexy lingere goes, again, if you're not comfortable, then dont do it! and if your not sure about sex, dont do it!


i agree with the topless guy, maybe your bf is watching too much porn?


you sound young, how old are you?

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