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We need a real life fairy tale...

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I've been hearing a lot of sad and disappointing breakup stories lately, but I think people would get hope from relationships that have lasted so far. It seems that everyone has the idea that they can never be in love again after the first break up. Please tell your story of a relationship that lasted. I believe we need some inspiration and confidence to keep living fully, and not giving up on love.

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Ah, good idea, JoyieGracie!


Well I have two stories to share actually.


The first one is about my parents who met in school (equivalent to High-School I think) and they were together many years. It was an on again-off again relationship and once they even split up for a whole year when they decided to date others. I guess I am living proof of what happened though, because they got together one last time and married - and here I am today.


The second one is about me and my girlfriend of soon two years.

We met like any other couple but after a year we broke up (her decision) and went separate ways. That was also the reason for me coming to this forum I might add. Either way, we got together last February..

Unfortunately she left to study in America for one year and so we've been in a long-distance relationship for four or five months now. I'm going up to visit her this christmas and she is also coming home after that.. So.. Life has a way of balancing things out, and even if you think it's impossible there is a treat waiting for you at the next corner.


Don't let one bad experience spoil what could be a lifetime of happiness.

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me and my bf got together 2 years ago and broke up after a few months together( hes parents didnt think i was good enough for him),we sorted things out and started dating again everything was going fine hes parents liked me going round to his houseand accepeted me (spelling). then he joined the r.f.a and we broke up again as we didnt think it was fair on each other we stayed in contact and relised we loved each other so much that we tried again. we have been going strong, hes home tomorrow i have not seen him in over 6 weeks .................. cant wait


i like to see that you can still split up and get back together and be happy

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