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  1. vickyx


    i just do, he tells me about a girl he likes who isnt me i know that for sure, its so hard as i wouldnt mind having feelings for him, if they were returned
  2. hi im falling for a male friend of mine, hes been there for me when me and my bf broke up, i dont want this feelings for him as i know he dosnt feel the same way...... how do i stop this with out loosing him as a friend xxxxx
  3. thank you, dosnt make it easy tho only you say only time will tell xxx
  4. we have been together 3 years, we do arguie but we havnt had a argument over the last couple of weeks, were not board of each other but theres nothing to do where we live, other than going to each others parents house.
  5. im 21 and hes 23 i want to start moving out and start our lives together, but he dosnt hes scared. i find he plans alot things but never dose them.... we havnt argued but we have been bored not knowing what to do with each other like going places drinks etc hes has asked for a couple of weeks now .......and said hes been thinking about old times thanks for any help
  6. its not actually a break its more of a no contact thing, we dont know if were together due to love or comfort, i asked for it as i didnt want to finish things but we both wanted to sort our heads out.....but i dont know what hes feeling at all as there is no contact
  7. hi i hope you can help me and my bf are having a couple days break to c how we feel about each other, i love him and miss him lots but i dont know how he feels ............ i hate this guessing game
  8. the world dosnt seem to beautiful at the moment, so much has happened in the last couple of months people being hurt, dieing
  9. the other day there was a car crash and 5 teenagers died, all between the age of 14 and 17 i knew 2 of them but we wernt close. but they had burried another friend that day, and died them selfs that night. since this has happened i have been thinking of another friend of mine who also died 6 months ago also in a car he tock hes own life. it makes me think what happens after life, what could be so bad about life that you have to do that........... i feel so sad. i cant get it of my mind
  10. i dont know if this is in the right place. my boyfriend and i have been together 3 years at the end of this month, we want to do something special for each other but not to sure what to do. any help is great thanks xxx
  11. ldr's are very hard, i was in one for nearly a year then i became seriously ill and my boyfriend left his job and came home for good. i wouldnt worn people off them i would just make sure that they knew what they are letting them selfs in for. and wish them good luck xx
  12. how do we know if someone has actually done what they say they are going to do on here.
  13. i know what its like when they say there coming back, my bloke told me if was going to come home early i wanted to tell everyone. oh yer hes home this sat
  14. i got some good news today my bloke rang me to say hello and that he loves me lots we spoke for about 20 mins. then he phoned back about 10 mins later and told me that hes coming home early, hes not due back till the end of the month and now hes coming back next week, and were going hoilday before he goes back. im so happy with this just need to people my good news xxxxx
  15. he has had it all hes life but its only showing to be a problem now, hes in the rfa (royal fleet aux) and he has to be in good health, if he dosnt hear the orders correct then he might do things wrong and put people in danger or just mess things up with the ship so it is pretty important that he has good hearing. but thanks for your help
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