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Should i give him a chance?

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Hay guys, wel this is my situation hope someone can help!

Theres this guy I know whos interested in me, hes asked me to 'be his girlfriend' several times but I keep saying no but he doesn't give up! The problem is, he's only 18 but has slept with 20 people, whereas I'm a virgin. I've been in situations with him where he has asked me several times to have sex with him but I've said no, and now I think maybe he sees me as a challenge. I have told him I don't want to end up as just another girl hes slept with, but he says he doesnt want that to happen, that he wants me to be his girlfriend and to be in a proper relationship with trust, support, commitment etc. He told me a few days ago that he wants to change, to calm down and be settled, and that he regrets sleeping with as many people as he has. The thing is, I don't know whether to believe him as he has quite a bad reputation and my friends are warning me against him, and I don't know whether to give him a chance to proove himself at the risk of me getting hurt.

I'll be grateful for any suggestions anyone has!! xxx

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umm sounds ot me like hes just saying that so he can get you into bed and add you to his list....if you really want to give him a chance then do it, but take things way slow and don't give yourself up to him, if he sticks around then he may have changed, its your call but remember A GUY WILL SAY/DO ANYTHING TO GET IN YOUR PANTS if they really want to.

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yes i agree with Virulent. I think he might be saying this to get in your pants. Does he still talk about the 20 woment he has slept with much to his friends and stuff?


I think just give him a bit of a chance. Take it slow and DON'T let him get in your pants. If he really likes you he will respect your wishes and wait till you are ready.

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I agree that many people will say pretty much anything to get someone to hook up. Even some women I know have been known to do this. He could be saying this with hopes that you will sleep with him, but then again, he may be telling the truth. You can never really know for sure until you take the chance.


I am big on giving people a chance and not judging people for their past. I have been judged about things that have happened 3 or 4 years ago that I haven't done since. I have changed a lot, as most people do as time goes by.


Just because you give him a try, doesn't mean you have to be one of his statistics at all. You don't have to be another woman for him to sleep with if you don't want to. If he wants to push you to do something you don't want to do, you have the option to handle it how you want to, which would hopefully be to resist and end the relationship.


If he doesn't push you to do anything sexual, then his word was probably truthful.


However, if you wouldn't feel completely comfortable with him, it may be best to avoid the situation all together. It's not good to put yourself in a situation that may be uncomfortable and miserable for yourself.


Good luck with whatever you decide!

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How about the honest truth:


Do you like him?

Is he honest? Does he have qualities you like other than sex appeal?


These days it seems to be all about, "is he or she hot." When really it should be is this someone I could stand being with for an extended period of time. Does he have a good personality?


That's what you should be thinking about. The guy sounds like a sleezball to me.

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YOU: "SHould i give him a chance"


You have answered your own qs...."he has quite a bad reputation and my friends are warning me against him"


thereforeeeE, the answer is NO NO and NO!!!













NO ok!? Did i mention "no?"





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Sorry to say, but I smell a rat. I've been with guys like that, who "claim" that they want to turn over a new leaf and change their 'wild ways'. Guess what? It doesn't happen like that, especially if he's only 18 and has slept with 20 people.


If he's already been asking you to sleep with him, then I think you have your answer. I wouldn't trust him.

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