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Please help me, I still love my ex!!

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Ok people Im new here and I was looking on the internet for advices for how to get your ex back and only God knows how I ended up here...Before I start just to let you know that I speak english less then a year and half so dont be surprised if I have some grammar or spelling mistakes.Ok here is my story, its going to be long but please take some time to read it because I need advices for this...Ok I moved in US last year and met one girl, she is my neighbour...We strted to hang out but she had a bf already. So I start likeing her but she told me that she doesnt like me that way and that Im wasting my time. But Im verry stuborn you know so I didnt gave up. After a year she broke up with her bf, actually he broke up with her and I was there for her then as a best friend...I did so amy things for her that small umber of boys would ever do.Then we started to hang out a lot and became best friends, talked alot about things and stuff...Then somehow she started to like me so much that we start to date and everything was perfect...Then after 2 months she wanted a break, because she is a Christian girl and we forgot about God in our relationship, also we did some things that we shouldnt(still a virgin just to let you know, and Im proud of it )As her best friend I said ok take your time we are going to work on things that we didnt. But in a mean time she start to date with my friend who is foreign exchange student. That happen 4 weeks after we went on break. And she broke up with me 6 weeks after. So I was so shocked couz I saved myself for my first gf, I didnt sleep+eat for 3 days, I almost killed myself, I didnt know what to do...I talked with people about it, conslor(hope you spell it like this) and I tryed to move away from her and to stat the new page you know...But also point that I missed is that I didnt have a happy life, I went through the war(yugoslavia) for 6 years, I know what mean to be hungry and cold, only God knows how many times I almost died becaouse of grande or bullets, I grow up on street and I was only 7 yo when I was already on street. I didnt have father, I went through lots of crap such as streetfights, crimes, police....You know and she was the first thing that made me happy, and she knew that...and she still does...And after we start dating I treated her like a lady(buying flowers when she missed school, opened doors of my car everytime for her...), I cared so much for her, and I was just being a great bf you know...

And then she told me that she dates with other guy couz he prays more then me and couz they tal about God alot...So ok, in those 7 weeks I get so close to God that I put him in a first place in my life...And since then I tried to get her back saying things that I got from God by praying and reading the bible,and that I want to have a relationship with her based on God not fizical anymore, couz honestly Im scared to touch her..

Her all family loves me and they know me for a long time...And now I asked her why is she doing this she said I DONT KNOW, I HAVE NO REASON FOR THIS. And I told her that Im ready to forgive her couz she hurt me so much and that Im ready to make up her mistakes but she is keep saying NO. She said chemistry between me and my new bf is strong. But he is leaving in 6 months and he is not coming back, and when he leaves she will lean on me as her best friend again and now she change me for him. You know when she told me that, I didnt yelled at her, I wasnt mad and I dont hate her for that, couz she is 16 yo girl in barbie world,lol,I told her that we can work on things but she is saying IM SORRY...I mean and we talked about it few times and we both cried alot but it doesnt help...I called her before and I told her what God is telling me to do and I told her that I cant lie anymore, I love her, she said I know and Ill think about it but she already made her decision. You it does hurt couz Im trying so hard to make up her mistakes and give her another chance. I think its just stupid couz she left me over nothing, no reason. And now she knows that all girls are checking me out( im cute and nice guy, Im not lieing but Im not trying to be like Im a sexy beast, oh no, Im just telling you the truth...)And I talked with other people and stuff and people who I didnt even know comes up to me and say broke up with you because of him?!!Oh man she is one whos missing!" and then all those girls whats to make out with me and to have a sex but Im not like that and God doesnt want me to be like that, so I said no. If I honeslty wanted to make out there are prettyer girls then my ex who are checking me out, and I still say no couz I want to have that relationship with her but based on God. Plese friends help me I dont honestly know what to do? Im going to talk with her mom tomorrow...If you have any advices please tell me...Like I tryed to go away from her but every time when I see her with that kid my heart goes like insane...ANd then God told me to get her back but I dont know what Im doing wrong...I also asked her what did I do wrong she said GOGO YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG. YOUR PERFECT. And she also said that she wants get over with it and to lose completey all her feelings for me...Because every time when we talk about it she says that she feels so bad, sad and guilty and that she cant take it anymore...Now Im still nice to her and I still do care...we are still friends though...You know what I was thinking that maybe I should bring this up so she will feel so guilty that she will be ashamed to look it to my eyes...but then Im like no, Im not like that...

Sorry for making it this long...Please help if you know how...

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Hey man you got yourself a real problem.... Where did you come from??


You've probably women in the USA are very weird and hard to understand ( not offense girls i love ya!! ) ... but anyway.... A lot of women send off mixed signals and all men and women will pretty much admit to that. It sounds like she just wants you to like her and wants to know that your crazy over her just to have you their just incase.... Because chances are she knows that she can' always go back to you " rebound player ".... That could also not be true but you know.... Hey by the way if you live by god and all then why are you going after a takin girl??? Don't you believe in the 10 Commandments?? Thal Shal Not Covent Thy Nieghbors Wife?? Shes not married but it means the same thing you know?? i personaly dont believe in it.. she sounds like too much trouble and you know if you keep liking her itll ruin all her relationships... Because i know if i was going out with a girl that had a guy that really liked her i wouldn't like it very much....


now i aint saying to give up so.... Now if you truly love this girl then by all means go for it remember " everything happens for a reason "... Its just it really sounds like she isn't sure and that if she wants you she always can... Now when her boyfriend leaves and she wants you i dunno if i'd accept her back... I mean im sure she'll need you as a best friend but it sounds like you a sarrow best friend... ( is this true ) .. she only comes when she needs help or needs something like that when shes emotionally hurt or something?


Personally i think i would forget about her...and you said yourself you got plenty of women going after you so pick one you like and go for her... Be with a girl that makes you happy that you can have fun and won't make you depressed all the time...


GOOD LUCK MAN!! - Hope i helped

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hey thanks for reading and thanks for advice...I came from Croatia, a small country in Europe...You know the funny is that she is so into God but she dated him 2 weeks before we actually broke up...I mean hellooo??I just want back what belongs to me you know, after everything...We were best friends...Now we are still friends...Last night I sayed up until 8am and I talked with people all over the world about this...And somehow I bought the book HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK. there is like a plane, what to do,what not to do...And do you nkow what, Im going to try...I did hurt her last time...2 days ago I told her that I love her and want her back+that I will make up all mistakes...And she said GOGO, LETS JUST NOT TALK ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW, COUZ EVERYTIME I FEEL SO GULITY...Aha ther we are...she feels guilty...bu thats ok, Ill let her go for a while and In a mean time I will try this plan that this guy who is proffesional with these problems and has hes carreer based on this gave me...

Thanks anyways...

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ive found out that some of the most devoted people to god are the most people that mess up... When i went to church.. Three most devoted people ( 3 of them ) all got pregnant and they were all between the age of 15-16 so... i don't think that really anyone is really thinking of god constantly and they too make mistakes... She could be using this as an excuse.. it sounds like shes trying to get rid of you maybe??? Well good luck... give us an update sometime..



Good Luck

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