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I want love, I'm not capable for friendship (jako je volim)

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Well here's my problem :

I had a girlfrined and we broke up 12 days ago.And it was so unexpected to me.We were walking and she started the talk.Just like that she told me that she doensn't love me anymore.Than it was story that she didn't meet so great, nice, honest....bla bla bla person like me ever but she doesn't feel "the fluid" between us.

I was shocked.That day when we broke up, just 5-6 hours earlier, we were together after 7 days and she was hugging me and kissing me like I was back from war or something.

Then, of course, comes the classic story from her "I want to be the best frind with you; I don't wanna lose such a great person...."

From that day I'm always with my cell phone expecting call or sms from her.And after 7 days she wrote a message to me that "she's afraid that I'll forget her one day".I'm preety sure that she was alone in her room in that time when she wrote a message.That gave me a hope.I started writing a messages every night about 23:00 beacuse I know that's the time when she's going to bed, and probably when she's thinking about everything (that was my logic, 'cause I know that I feel much better when I'm with my frinds or at the college, and the worst period of the day is when I'm going to bed).Her last message was something like "I can't wait friday to see you, you'll be great" (I play with my bend on friday).

She doesn't even have 17 years, I'm 3 years older, but I can't understand her.I think she's smart enough to understand that I can't be a friend with her, but I would give anything to be close to her.My opinion that she is maybe afraid of long relationship or something like that.Maybe she heared stories of her friends like "it's your first boyfriend, are you going to get marry or something".

The fact is that I was great to her, we never argued and that's the only thing I have on my mind for her story.

That's my story, please help

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Man, It sounds like she is confused and dosent know what to do. She is probably realizing that she is very young and wants to Date alot of guys that she dosent always wonder what another man will be like. Its good for her but it sucks to be you at the sametime when you know she loves you so much. If I were you I would try to stay her friend but if it gets to hard just slowly disappear.

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