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What should i do?


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Well heres the deal, Theres a girl i really like in my history class, i dont know her to well i haven't hung out with her other than in class and kinda at lunch somtimes. (oh and this one time she gave me a ride home cause my ride was a no show) i have been trying to get closer to her slowly, but the cemester ends in 3 weeks and im not going to have class with her anymore so i doubt i'll talk to her much.


Im not sure how she feels about me, but i really like her, i think shes very beautiful even though my friends think she is just so-so. Its hard to explain i've never felt like this before, i guess you would call it love? when im around her its like im in paradise and when our eyes meet in conversation i am blown away, its like her eyes just suck me in and i forget what im doing for a second, even though it seems like time is standing still... anyway.


This is her first year in my school but she seems to be very popular back at her old school (you know...lots of friends always doing somthing ect.) so i dont know if that is a problem... usually people with lots of good friends are happy with the friends they have and arn't really out looking for more ( I think?)


But i know i need to do somthing before theres no more time, so im not sure if i should tell her how i feel or just try to be her friend...


i was thinking of asking her out next week and seeing what happens from there, now im not mr. universe and girls dont tend to even give me a second look. so im kinda afriad she wont find me atractive, but as far as personalities go i'd think we would make a great match even though we have our diffrences......but she needs to get to know me better before she can figure that out for herself.


Ok im rambling on here, sorry..so should i ask her out or just try to be good friends first? or maybe i should ask her out on a friendly type of "date"?


Well atleast im not shy, i got the guts to ask her i just want the timing to be right .

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Its hard to explain i've never felt like this before, i guess you would call it love?


no, you can't love someone you hardly even know.


don't be so obsessed with how she, or you "look" that is so unimportant in the grand scheme of things.


just ask her out...make it simple, "hey do you want to go do something sometime?" and if she says yes, get her number and call her and talk to her on the phone a few times to get to know her better and find out things she likes to do...then plan a date from that.

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Thats good advice thanks but as far as not being able to love someone you dont know to well...then what is this feeling i get whenever im around her? i've never felt like this before not with past girlfriends or crushes...


i agree that physical apperance isnt everything, but no ones going to go out with someone their not atleast a little bit physically attracted too. Or am i wrong?

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what you are feeling is attraction...there is just "something" about her you like...it's the chemicals from your brain signaling the reaction you are having...she is different, someone new....just becasue you haven't had the attrraction to someone this intense before doesn't mean it means more than any other person you have been attrcted to in the past...


and when I talked about "looks"...of course being physically attracted to someone is a factor...but what your friends think of what she looks like, or what you think YOU look like in comparison to other guys...shouldn't stop you from at least taking a chance.

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Oh i like these chemicals you speak of


and i couldn't give less of a sh*t of what my friends think she looks like i was just saying that to get the point accross that shes no super model, but in my eyes shes so beautiful theres no word to describe it.


thanks for your advice i appreciate it. have some popcorn.

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