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Weird Psychic Dream about my crush! HELP!

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Ok i'm so sorry, I know this is for advice for reality but I've tried all the "dream" sites and its about my crush, and my weird how do you say...psychic dream?...


OK well I'm getting out of the car with a back pack with my best friend and her mother... we go around a house that looks familiar to me as we get inside from the back yard we go in My friends mom sits on the couch then begins to watch tv. I notice that its my crush's house I ask "why are we here, were going to get caught" Her mother says "relax look around were not going to get caught" I follow my friend up the stairs who goes into his twin brothers room (somehow I know who's room is who's) i go into my crush's room that has posters on the door (such as the O.C and Emeime) I look in seeing his bed in the middle with no pillow just a messy bed with a thin sheet on top also with black pants. Clothes are everywhere a gray sweater and come t-shirts A light goes off like a strobe light it was light blue make posters appear on the wall. out of the big window on the other side of the room I see my crush pull into the drive-way I run down stairs to tell my friend and her mom to get out hes here but they were nowhere in sight i see the door slowly open... as I wake up.


That morning I see him in my 2nd period... he was wearing the black pants that were on the bed and the gray sweater that was on the floor... I think this is really freaky I need some adivce of what you think this means because i'm so confused.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out.


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I don't think it means anything at all... I mean, I've had dreams like that too, and they never came true... but then again, I had dreams about other things, and they happened in real life, and it felt sort of like a deja vu, but I think it's just coincidence, because it has happened very rarely and they're just little things, while the big things I dreamnt about never came true. But other things happened, different things that had nothing to do with the people and situations I dreamnt about, turned out to be great too. So, I say that you shouldn't worry... Best wishes.

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