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how do i no


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in love: well i have been in love once with my ex-boyfriend of 2.5 years. I have to say, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. It's being completely comfortable with someone, it's being able to share your life with them... You'll know when it happens. The words just come running out when it happens, and you'll wanna say it over over...

that's what i think anyway.

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You know, just by the way that you look at them. You know that you're in love with them, when you know that they are not perfect, but are just perfect for you. You'll love them for their every little flaws, their little imprefections, and just accept them for all that they are. You both understand each other at a deeper level. The bond that you share is completely uncomparable to the other bond that you share with others.


It's those unspoken words. You will know that something's wrong with that person, even if they don't have to say it. You just know. It's that look of love. The bond that's shared is like a familiarity that you're so comfortable with. It's like coming home. Your heart just feels safe with that person. You feel secure. You don't ever have to question their intentions. They show you love without you having to ask. The relatonship is pure. No one else can compare. You just love them, because you do. It's that warm glow that you feel inside, that tells you that everything is just right. These feelings are feelings that you get when know that you're in love.

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