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It seams that I just cant find anyone my age, my first GF is 3-4 years younger than me, and that relationship lasted a while (still sorta is going on), but because of how active she was she kept dating other guys, now she found a guy she is deeply in love with and is slowly leaving me (we decided to leave each other slow and on good terms so we will still be friends), and now one of her friends wants to go out with me, and this girl is about 5 years younger than me, i still said yes because they sorta backed me into a corner and since i am very submissive i gave in and said i would go out with her, then she brings on the news she might be pregnant from an ex. I really dont like this kind of pressure, i lost my job back in may and i have no means of support besides my mom, i am as lonely as all hell and i wouldnt of said yes if wasnt lonely. I will try this new relationship but why do i have such bad luck.


btw im 21

my ex soon to be ex is 17

her friend is 16

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ok - 16...is illegal...if you become sexually active with her it's rape....so don't even think about it.


Your current sortof ex is madly in love with someone else but is still seeing you? that is a conflict in terms...you can't love someone and not be faithful.


You know what, being alone is better than being with someone immature. You need to concentrate more on getting a job and finding a means to support yourself at 21 instead of having your mom support you. A girlfriend is the last thing you should be concerning yourself with.


Do you go to college?

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ok - 16...is illegal...if you become sexually active with her it's rape....so don't even think about it


This is not necessarily true. It depends on where you live. In many cases a 16 year old and a 21 year old is quite legal.


Its very common for men to go out with younger women (a few years younger). It seems to be less common for women to go out with younger men. I don't know why, it just works that way.


But it sounds like you are just finding the wrong girls regardless of age. You CAN say no to dating someone. If you aren't interested in a girl then don't pursue her. If you do, then everybody just gets hurt.

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