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anyway, i met my girlfriend LITERALLY a month ago.


we hit it off real good, and the week after we met each other we decided to go out.


we started talking about ex's, and i found out her ex broke up with her a month ago because he couldnt handle a long distance relationship


anyway, we started moving REALLY (and i mean REALLY) fast.


now, 3 weeks later, i found her personal site on her history and when i checked it out its all these quotes about "if you'd let me have a second chance.." and things of that nature.


what should i do? i really like this girl, but i dont want to be in a one-way relationship that's doomed from the start


im 18 and she's 17




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ina word...YES


you are the rebound guy...she is not 100% commited to you, she isn't over her last BF...who know's if she ever will be.


not exactly sure what you were doing snooping in the history file of her computer....that was wrong of you to do...


I sugget you confront her about what her true feelings are before you go any further.

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ouch.. that hurts


i wasn't "snooping" or anything, i just came accross her personal site through some random event


any way i could fix this relationship?

and when i approach her, i think she's just going to lie about it. how do i know if she's being truthful?

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sorry, I can be blunt sometimes LOL


tell her what you read on her personal site and let her know that it kinda hurts you becasue you thought you were someone special to her and now it seems she is still holding a flame for her ex...


if she fidgets, looks away, avoids eye contact, makes exuses, tries to change the subject, start to get intimate with you to avoid discussion, tries to turn it against you for reading her personal stuff....you know she isn't over him and you need to slow things down and tell her to resolve her feelings or you will have to walk away.

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