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My friends, the party people!

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Lately my friends and I have become distant, because they are always going to clubs, and I'm not really into that whole thing. They invite me to go, but I always say know, not because I don't like dacning, but I think it's just a thing where everyone just wants to hook up with someone.


What should I do? They say there's nothing else to do where we live, but Before they started going to clubs every weekend, we always found something to do. Am I going to lose my friends to "clubbin"? That's just not my kind of fun.

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I don't understand why you think it's immature. If you go to a club to have fun, then there's nothing wrong. I understand how you say there just looking to hook up with someone, but if your not looking for someone it's not like you still can't have fun. Not everyone at a club is looking to hook up with someone, some people are there just to dance and have a good night out with some friends.


You say you don't want to loose your friends, but your not putting any effort into hanging out with them or makeing different plans. Why not go to a club with them one weekend, then the next weekend offer a different idea (like something you guys use to do)? How do you think your friends feel when they keep inviting you places, and you don't go? They probably feel just as bad as you do, since they feel that you don't want to be around them. But then again it's not like your offering any ideas to do something else either, or making that effort to just go out and have a fun time.

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You don't have to drink, and have sex to keep the friends who do! They don't do it every night I'm sure. So make the time you spend with them the time they arnt clubing. I have lots of friends who get really drunk on weekends and stuff, but they are fun people, so i hang out with them at school, after school, we talk on MSN, and all that fun stuff. Real friends don't have to drink together, to be buddies. You might just hafta work a little harder to spend time with them when they arent gunna go clubbing. As well, if they like to party, go to house parties so you can be with them, and have TONS of fun, but stay away from anything bad going on you don't want to be involved in.


By the way, your only 17, how are could you go clubing?


Anyway, good luck. Don't worry so much, their your pals

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well..............your very much like me and alot of others im sure. the bar scene has never been my thing and i cant remember the last time i stepped into a "club". i do what i like to do and nothing more. i fish alot so thats usually my excuse for getting up early. im that guy.......the early bird.

i choice not to go out alot. i enjoy time alone.......especially when im fishing. i think its important for everyone to have there own "identity".

you can still have these friends and still choice not to go to the clubs.


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You shouldn't lose friends just because you are developing different interests. You shouldn't do anything you don't want to do and your friends shouldn't have a problem with that. If they do then they aren't really friends to begin with. Hang out with them when they aren't "clubbing." Maybe meet some new people who aren't into that stuff either and spend some time with them. Good luck.

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