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how should i get over him?

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My ex boyfriend and i had been going out since last october, we broke up on dec 1st because he told me he was cheating on me. i was really shocked that he told me that he had cheated on me..but i was still willing to work things out. i wanted to just be with him so much that i would even try to forget that he did stuff with another girl (it was a couple times). i saw him recently after he made out, cuddled etc with the girl and we did stuff together. he has been the first boyfriend ive done stuff with, and it really reeally meant a lot to me. somwhere deep down inside of me..i dont think he cheated on me..but they again..why would he lie? i asked him to tell me the truth about everything and tell me if that was just an excuse for breaking up with me. anyhow i cant seem to get him out of my head. school is hell for me b/c i cannot concentrate and i cry. i have to leave class so i can just cry. i have had a lot of support, but its just not working. i feel so depressed...i feel like im no one. i feel like just cuddling up into a ball and crying my heart out.

how can i get over him??

i need help

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sounds like me last year...Word of advice Stop crying because no guy is worthyour tears and when u find one who is he wont make u cry...


It's veryyyy hard , but u gotta keep ur head up and not let ur life fall apart over this one dude....You are greiving right now and its okay Let ur feelings out through words..Through poems...Anything ur heart desires to get these unspoken feelings out.


It may take a while but time heals all wounds and ur wound is awefully big. But no worries...If u can Try to take ur mind off of this by Hanging out with ur family...Talking with them abouut ur situation. They will always take ur side and they are a lot of comfort. Hanging out with friends and loved ones is a easy way to make time go faster.


I had done all this and it helped some but that desire to call him and ask him out again made me sick. I got drunk a lot and thats not the way to be. I actually teminated our friendship because i called him when i was drunk and begged and pleaded with him. Its not the way to go. He ended up not wanting to even see me anymore.


You don't want to continue the friendship until all wounds are sealed and u have moved on. Moving on is the hardest thing to do. Ide sugest Trying something new like a Sport or some club. Do u like singing , Dancing? Acting? ... Going out to the park and playin basketball maybe? or vollyball.

Ide sugest talking with friends as much as possible , but try not to talk their ears off about him b/c they may start to block u out. lol


My bestfriend couldn't even help me with my problem...she had to confront me about it lol. she was totally mad at me because i really just didn't care about her life at the time and what was goin on in it. Which ended our friendship and ofcourse b.c we are bestfriends we got back together and everything but i just learned not to talk about him and it helped me some. But keeping it in a private journal or something can help tons as well...Drawing can help too


What do u like to do...Go out with a group of ur closest girlfriends and go see a movie or have a slumber party. Never to old for that lol


I hope everything goes good with u and i care because wow u sound just like me when i was on enotalone that was actually the reason why i joined this site in the first place

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you have to look at it this way- at least you know the truth. it would have been even worse if your boyfriend didnt tell you and played you for a fool, right?


also, think about it this way- do you want to be with someone who is going to cheat on you? i dont think you could ever truly be happy with him, knowing what happened. just realize that you deserve someone who is going to be faithful to you. and i promise there are boys out there that will be!!

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ur advice made me feel better. and haha yeah i joined this site to see what kind of help u guys would offer. i feel so lonely and sad..just absolutely miserable.

i dont really know what to do with my life..

i know im only 17 but our love seemed everlasting..and we talked about everythingg..like getting married, kids and wow..so much more. i never thought this day would have came. the last thing i had to worrry about was him cheating on meeee..and then breaking up.

i know i wouldnt probably be truly happy with him, but atleast id get to be with him.

anything to make him mine again

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dun worry...


i was around 16 when my first bf broke up with me... it was hard.. i cried everyday and night.. for like 2/3 months.. and just like you.. i had to leave classes to go to bathroom to cry.. i couldn't eat/sleep/concentration on school work... i just sat there and think how to get him back at that time... im 18 now and now i feel stupid for doing that.. lol it took me like 4/5 months to "kinda" get over him (like not IN love with him anymore, but still have some feelings).. and about a year to get over him completely.... crazy eh? i think first true love is kinda hard to get over with.. but im sure u can do better than me..


just don't worry, be HAPPY!!! don't look back.. im sure u will get over him one day..

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At least you do know the truth now, and it's doubtful that he just made that up as an excuse to break up. I know it seems really hard right now because your love seemed everlasting, but give it time. I know it seems like he was the guy you wanted to spend your life with, but things will get better... you still have your whole life ahead of you and everything happens for a reason! Good Luck!

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I'm one of those guys that often gets referred to as 'the nice guy', and i just want to say that it's not just girls that have a hard time getting over their ex, my ex broke up with me 8 months ago and i still can't get her out of my head. There are 2 kinds of people in this world, those that are able to pick up the pieces and move on without any trouble, and those that really take things to heart and find it hard to move on. Neither is better than the other, just some cope better. The fact that you have a hard time getting over your ex proves that you are a good, loving and sincere person and i'm sure there is a guy out there who can appreciate that.

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