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fixing PCO


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Eh... someone posted about PCO below, then I thought of myself and eh..


Well, I have kind of irregular periods too... 1 mo ~ 4 mo from 26 days to 126 days... I can have a period anywhere in between... hmm...


I'm wondering if there are ways to fix that and make me more fertile in the future. =X I need to have kids in the future and I wouldn't want something like this to get in my way.


I know I also don't always release an egg... >_>;;;


Can doctors help me with this or is it pretty much hopeless?


Right now they just tell me to wait until i'm 22 and see what happens. Well, I'm turning 22 in 4 months and it's not getting much better.

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Here's some info about PCO/PCOS link removed It's a little on the technical side, but you can probably figure out some of the med-speak. It's not really something you can "fix" or cure. It's a long-term condition you will have to manage.


If you have PCO and want to get pregnant, there are a couple things docs can do to assist the process including fertility drugs, a surgical procedure called a wedge resection -- they cut a small wedge out of one of your ovaries and there's a window of opportunity to get pregant after the wedge heals and before cysts form on the cut surface.


I know a woman who had a wedge resection. She has 3 children, but their ages are all 9 months to a year apart because she opted to cram her pregnancies into that window of opportunity.


They are also doing some stuff with a diabetes drug called Glucophage. They've discovered a component of PCOS that involved the level of insulin in the system. I talked to my doc about Glucophage a couple years back (there wasn't a lot of info out about it then) and she said I wouldn't be a candidate for it because they're primarily using it with women who want to get pregant. I couldn't tell from the stuff I had read if it was being used to help them get pregnant or as a med to help manage the other PCO symptoms.


Most women with PCO tend to find out they have it when they have problems getting pregnant, so there's TONS of info on the web about different treatments. Just type in "pco" and "ovaries" in google. If you don't include "ovaries" in your search you'll end up with stock quotes and info on Premcor Inc. and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.


I got diagnosed with it when I got off the pill in my mid/late 20's (I had been on the pill since the minute I turned eighteen) and stopped having periods. I went back on the pill, as that is the usual management method, but didn't like how I felt when I was on it. Before, I'd had nothing to compare it to...after being off it for a few months the mental fog I'd been living in since I was 18 disappeared...when I went back on the pill, it came back.


I'd decided I wasn't mommy material several years before I was diagnosed with PCO, so it was actually a positive thing. My doc had seen other women devastated by the diagnosis (ones who really wanted to have a baby) so she was a bit thrown off by my reaction initially. In addition to essentially taking away the risk of an "oops" pregnancy I really didn't want, being diagnosed with PCO explained the irregular periods, the extreme difficulty with weight management, and a couple of other cosmetic issues I'd been dealing with. It was no longer my fault...it's just that my brain chemistry is a bit off....


Anyway, since I wasn't looking to get pregnant, it's been relatively easy to manage for me. Since I refused to go back on the pill, I basically have a period whenever my body decides to have one. This can vary from 35 days to 4+ months left untreated. Doc says I *have to* have a period every 3-4 months. If I don't have one naturally, I take a pregnancy test (which always comes out negative, but they have to rule out the obvious to cover themselves)...then I take 10mg of Provera (progesterone) a day for 10 days and that induces a period.


I hate having to take the Provera though. About day 5 it makes me weepy and near suicidally depressed for no really good reason....it's just the way it messes with my brain. Fortunately, things have gotten to the point where I only have to use the Provera once every 12-18 months...so in its own irregular way, there's some balance in my system.

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Maybe if I wait 4 more months my periods will start getting regular. =S


I never really cared because I never wanted to have kids.


Aie... I should probably get a full checkup sometime and discuss this with bf. >_>;; He needs children afterall, unless if his bro wants to take up the role of producing...


Thanks... =S


I wonder if severe PMS to the point where I want to commit suicide twice during periods is part of that too. I was always too afraid to tell my doctors I cry the day before period and on the 4th day. =/ I rather them not tell me I need help treating my suicidal tendencies anymore. It's not like I'm actually going to suicide and they're not helping.

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wow u are still young...I have pcos and was infertile for a long time..although I had miscarriages and now have 2 children...What helped was metformin and clomid...that was my miracle combo..believe me the ride I had emotionally was almost unbareable..good luck to u..don't worry be positive..I was 38 when I had my daughter..My dr said looks like I never had pcos cuz my cyst were gone she is 7 now and I have had regular periods since she was born...I was shocked!but I want to have another child now but even with my regular periods..I am wondering now what is wrong with me..maybe I am too old..god bless u and hopefully it all works out for u..do not give up!!!ur 22!!!

ps..u can try fertile aid...look it up if u don't want to go to the doctor...The customer service ppl are very informed and I wish I had the number but it is easy to find...just google fertile aid.

provera medicine brings on periods...but u may not be ovulating ..

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